Modern kitchen with KitchenAid® appliances

Kitchen Remodel Design Ideas that Will Inspire You

Preparing to remodel your kitchen is an exciting project with many details to decide on and steps to manage. We gathered our favorite ideas for how you can most effectively design a kitchen remodel by making the most of your layout, appliances, backsplash, color, lighting, decor, flooring and more.

Some things to consider when designing a kitchen remodel include the layout and how you use the space, your budget, and the overall style you want to create. The ideas outlined in this article can be achieved with a variety of budget ranges and can help you efficiently plan your inspiring new kitchen.

Black KitchenAid® blender making green smoothies Black KitchenAid® blender making green smoothies

Add a Colorful New Backsplash

The backsplash is a natural canvas for your creative flair in any kitchen design and remodel plan. Use the backsplash areas to tie in color, pattern, and even texture using tile, wood, stamped metal, wallpaper, or paint. Single color subway tile can be arranged in patterns that add subtle texture, while mosaic and patterned tile offer more drama. Use the space to coordinate with the surrounding surfaces or to create contrast.

Modern kitchen with ingredients spread out on an island countertop Modern kitchen with ingredients spread out on an island countertop

Indulge in New Major Appliances

One of the simplest ideas for bringing a modern kitchen design to life is to upgrade your major appliances. Replacing your outdated refrigerator, dishwasher, and range with sleek, energy-efficient appliances is both an aesthetic and functional change that can transform your kitchen. KitchenAid® major appliances are available in stainless steel, black stainless steel and a variety of classic colors.

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Blue KitchenAid® gas range installed in an updated kitchen Blue KitchenAid® gas range installed in an updated kitchen

Experiment with Different Tones of One Color

If you aren’t sure how to make multiple colors work in your kitchen redesign, choose different saturations of the same color to use throughout the space. This design method allows you to create dimension, movement, and contrast that’s modern and fresh. You can also use neutral kitchen colors if you want a more classic look.

Get Creative with an Appliance Garage

If you’re looking for a way to store your small countertop appliances such as a stand mixer, food processor, toaster and blender, consider installing a countertop garage. An appliance garage is a great way to store appliances, leaving the kitchen feeling clean and free of clutter. When the appliances are put away in their home and the door is closed, it becomes a seamless part of your cabinetry while adding a unique design element.

Learn more about microwave placement options.

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Stainless steel KitchenAid® gas range and side-by-side refrigerator Stainless steel KitchenAid® gas range and side-by-side refrigerator

Add an Accent Wall

Kitchen interior designs often include an accent wall. This design element is a versatile way to use a blank wall to add artistic flair and unique personality to your space. The wall can be covered with a single paint color in a bright, deep, cool, or warm tone, or you can create a painted pattern or mural. Other design ideas include covering the accent wall with wallpaper, tile, or even wood or stamped metal. Painted in a single color, you can use the wall to create a photo and art gallery to bring even more of your personality into the space.

Stainless steel KitchenAid® gas range in a contemporary kitchen



You can also look to nature for kitchen design inspiration and fill some of the open-air space by hanging plants from the ceiling. You can choose from a variety of trailing houseplants, ferns, and succulents that can create an ethereal and lush feeling space that invites a bit of the outdoors into the room.

Woman cooking in a kitchen with black stainless steel KitchenAid® appliances


You can completely transform the look and feel of any room with the right lighting, so be sure to think about what you want lights to accomplish when you design a kitchen remodel. Use lighting to highlight areas like the backsplash, under and over cabinets, sink, and island. Consider task-specific lighting as well as mood lighting to add personality and drama to your space.

Breakfast nook next to KitchenAid® stainless steel undercounter refrigerator drawers Breakfast nook next to KitchenAid® stainless steel undercounter refrigerator drawers

Get Cozy with a Kitchen Nook

If you have the room for it, a cozy dining nook makes a great addition to your modern kitchen design. It’s nice to have a more casual place than the formal dining room to gather for everyday eating, working, tabletop games, and even crafting. Turn an unused corner into an intimate spot that can feature a beautiful table and chairs or built-in banquette seating that can even do double-duty as extra storage space.

White KitchenAid® stand mixer next to a plate of frittata


A beautiful and classic way to take your kitchen design and remodel to a whole new level is to replace your countertops with marble. Available in a variety of colors, marble is durable and ages beautifully, while adding gorgeous and artistic swirls to your countertops and island.

Orange KitchenAid® stand mixer on countertop


You can build interest and drama in your kitchen decor by combining unique textures like matte finish cabinets with high-gloss appliance finishes or metal cabinets and butcher block countertops.

Woman cooking in a kitchen with stainless steel KitchenAid® appliances


Don’t treat your flooring as an afterthought when you plan your kitchen design and remodel. Flooring is an opportunity to include a unique pattern, color, or texture and tie your design elements together, whether with hardwood, laminate, or ceramic or stone tile.

Modern kitchen with stainless steel KitchenAid® appliances Modern kitchen with stainless steel KitchenAid® appliances

How Do I Decide My Kitchen Layout?

The ultimate factor in deciding your kitchen layout is how to make the space as functional and easy to work in as possible. You will want to choose the placement of kitchen appliances carefully depending on the size of your kitchen. In small kitchens, consider using a galley layout and put your vertical space to work for storage. Larger kitchens can comfortably use L- or U-shaped layouts and you can add an island for more work, storage, and gathering space.

Learn about the difference between counter height vs. bar height.

What Kitchen Decor is Right for Your Kitchen?

Whether your personal style is exemplified by the slick, clean lines and monotone colors of a modern and minimalist style, or by the vintage colors, fixtures, and antique furniture that a farmhouse style is known for, your decor choices combine to create a specific mood in your kitchen. 

If you have an open kitchen, you’ll want some continuity in the decor so it flows smoothly with the rest of the surrounding space, and there are countless styles to choose from that will reflect your personality. Your choices of paint, flooring, countertops, tile, light fixtures, faceplates, cabinets, shelves, and art all work together to create the feeling and style you want your kitchen to evoke.

Gray and white kitchen with stainless steel KitchenAid® appliances Gray and white kitchen with stainless steel KitchenAid® appliances

How Can I Add More Kitchen Storage?

There are a variety of ways to add storage when you remodel so your kitchen is organized and feels more spacious. Use empty walls to add open or floating shelves, suspend hanging racks from the ceiling, install rolling pantries in vertical spaces, or under-sink cabinets to maximize storage capacity.

You can also add shelves and drawers inside cabinets to use more empty space or mount dowels and hooks to hang items from the underside of upper cabinets. A dining nook storage bench is another great way to add storage that serves multiple functions. 

Your kitchen remodel is a chance to be inspired by the endless variety of design elements, fixtures, appliances, and storage solutions that are available. Simply keep in mind how you most want the space to function and let yourself have fun bringing your perfect kitchen to life.

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