Kitchens have become much more than the room where we cook. Today they’re thoughtfully designed and inspiring spaces for creating and gathering with friends and family. If you’re in the process of updating, or completely renovating a kitchen, finding ways to create fluidity and continuity in this all important space—and with the room(s) surrounding it—will lead to a timeless, highly functional epicenter of your home.

Kitchen island in front of built-in refrigerator


Appliances are a major focal point in every kitchen. Getting these right are key to creating a space that not only looks great, it functions beautifully. There are a number of things to consider when purchasing appliances for a seamless kitchen look. Here are some important things to look for:


Purchasing a suite of appliances that are created with cohesive design details—handles, knobs, finishes—and with features designed to work well together and complement the way you create, can help make a beautiful, integrated kitchen design statement.

Built-in appliances

These appliances align with kitchen cabinetry much more than freestanding appliances do, creating a flush to cabinet appearance. You can find built-in dishwashers, ovens, ranges, microwaves and refrigerators, in both full-size and undercounter models. Built-in models are intended to be permanent, integrated features in your space while freestanding appliances have finished sides and offer flexibility when it comes to where they are placed in the kitchen.

Built-in refrigerators are considered an important investment in a timeless, high-end kitchen. Not only do they blend in beautifully, they can offer more Cubic Ft than regular refrigerators. Built-in refrigerators are usually 7-feet tall and up to 48-inches wide, while regular refrigerators are typically 6-feet tall and 36-inches at the widest. The KitchenAid® 30 Cu. Ft. 48” Built-In Side-by-Side Refrigerator with PrintShield Finish resists fingerprints outside and delivers innovative features inside.

Learn more about the latest refrigerator trends, including innovative styles, colors and features.


counter-depth refrigerators

You might also come across the term counter-depth when shopping for refrigerators. As the name implies, counter-depth refrigerators are designed to be almost flush with the cabinets and countertop for a continuous, integrated look. They come in different styles, including side-by-side and French-door bottom mount, as well as a variety of widths to accommodate a range of kitchen layouts.


panel-ready appliances

Panel-ready appliances are another great way to create a seamless look with kitchen cabinetry. KitchenAid brand offers a selection of panel-ready appliances that let you install front panels and handles1 over doors to match your cabinets.

Look for features like hidden hinges to add to a super sleek look.The KitchenAid® 24” Panel-Ready Beverage Center with Wood-Front Racks is available with both a left swing door and right swing door. It’s designed with hidden hinges to allow the beverage center door to sit flush with surrounding cabinet fronts when closed and still easily swing open a full 115 degrees.


1. Panels and handles sold separately



dishwasher with hidden controls

To add to the overall clean, sleek look of a modern kitchen, consider a dishwasher with top controls. Top controls, or a fully-integrated display, as it’s also known, hide the control panel out of sight on the top of the dishwasher door, so buttons won’t distract from the seamless vibe in your kitchen.


slide-in ranges

Another way to enhance a modern kitchen design is with a slide-in range. To add to the integrated look, slide-in ranges don’t have backguards, making them popular options for installation in an island. Some slide-in ranges have unfinished sides and are designed to sit permanently between cabinets. KitchenAid brand offers slide-in ranges with finished sides. The finished sides and absence of a backguard make them easy to install anywhere in the kitchen.


Table linens, utensils and objects from nature in earthy colors Table linens, utensils and objects from nature in earthy colors


Color is another important factor in the design of a seamless kitchen. Earthy colors are on trend. Warm neutrals—whites, grays, beiges, soft greens, black—can also help create a natural, timeless beauty. A monochromatic palette—matching countertops, cabinets, backsplash—is another way to help create an integrated look and feel. You can also mix different tones of the same color to add depth and interest to your design. Accent with wood and other natural materials, or try playing with the latest appliance and design color trends for a kitchen that’s unique and up to date.

Kitchen with double oven, refrigerator and island with cooktop

details that matter

Design details, like lighting, cabinet style and hardware all contribute to the beauty of a sleek kitchen.

let the light shine in

It’s not necessary to cover windows with curtains and shades, natural light is key. If you have a large window near a countertop, consider installing it as flush as possible to the countertop for a really beautiful, seamless detail. You can also illuminate your room with recessed or flush-mount lighting. Choose sleek pendant lighting as accents.

keep cabinets sleek

Look for unadorned cabinetry without extra molding or raised panels. Slab or flat-panel doors can add to an integrated, cohesive look. Shaker style or frameless European cabinet doors are also popular choices.

simplify or elimininate hardware altogether

Going “hardware-free” is trending in kitchen design and helps create a truly seamless look. If you do opt to go with cabinet hardware, keep it simple with these great choices:

  • C-channel hardware integrated into cabinets adds a great, modern touch.

  • Tubular or flat pulls are also sleek choices. 

  • Copper, matte black, brass and gold are popular colors to accent a neutral palette and help create an elevated look.
Kitchen table in front of wet bar and banquette
Gray cabinets, open shelving and countertop with stand mixer
Kitchen island in front of sink and dishwasher next to wall oven

The beauty of a modern kitchen

A great modern kitchen is where life and design come together seamlessly. Today’s best kitchens aren’t separate rooms, closed off from other parts of the home; they’re beautifully integrated into larger living spaces through color, texture and overall design. Kitchens with matching suites of appliances that are built into cabinetry, or flush with countertops and rooms that are painted in soothing neutrals to open up seamlessly into, or, blend beautifully with adjacent spaces help contribute to a premium look and feel. In addition, cabinetry and hardware in sleek finishes that match cabinets and hardware in adjoining spaces can also create a thoughtful and cohesive design.

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