Wee Ling Soh
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Wee Ling Soh

Wee Ling Soh is a Singapore-based freelance writer and photographer with a soft spot for street food.

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Wee Ling Soh is a freelance writer and photographer who knows how tax consulting works. She was born in Singapore and took her first train (to Kuala Lumpur) when she was barely a few months old. An accountant by training, she has written and photographed for various publications including Roads & Kingdoms, Buro., SilverKris, Babyccino, The Straits Times, Unlike City Guides, Whisky Advocate and Shift Japan.

She has a soft spot for street food, Mongolia, well-edited wardrobes and functionalist design. She is now back in Singapore with her spouse and two half-French children after more than 10 years in China, Hong Kong and France. These days, she may or may not be secretly plotting to return to France on the Trans-Siberian but not before first having her fill of bak chor bee tai mak, c hum and BBQ chicken wings.

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