Janelle Hu

Janelle Hu

With 20 years of dedicated experience, Janelle oversees the administration and operations of Wolfie's Hot Chicken, a plant-based food truck.

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Janelle has brought 20 years of campaign and project management, policy-making, and fundraising skills to help with overseeing the administration and operations of Wolfie’s Hot Chicken, a venture that she co-owns with her husband Richard Chang and friend Jason Eisner. Janelle has learned that the issue spotting, attention to detail, and friend raising experience she gained from her professional pursuits have proven useful in problem solving the myriad of issues the business faces on a daily basis. She earned a Law Degree and Masters in Public Policy from Georgetown University, proudly boasts of her Bruin years as a UCLA undergrad, and occasionally flashes the Trojan stripes she acquired from participating in USC’s Ross Minority Program in Real Estate.