SCRAPS and KitchenAid Season 2

On this season of Scraps Chef Joel Gamoran and KitchenAid are on a mission to help Americans save time, save money and save food.  Every week Joel travels to a new city, partners with a local chef and uses KitchenAid appliances  to throw together an all-original menu featuring local food scraps that normally hit the trash.  If we can change our minds about food waste, we can inspire a new wave of Americans to cook scrappy. Catch new episodes of SCRAPS Season 2 airing Saturday mornings on A&E this fall.


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Follow Us As We Get Scrappy Across the US

Join Chef Joel Gamoran as he travels throughout the United States with Scraps.

From the West Coast to the East Coast, Chef Joel Gamoran and KitchenAid transform local ingredients and food scraps into one of a kind meals. Follow us on our journey across the United States as we change the perception of food waste and show you how KitchenAid appliances can help you join the movement.



Find creative ways to eliminate food waste with Chef Joel Gamoran and KitchenAid.


Cooking scrappy means reducing food waste, but it’s also about saving time and money. It’s about understanding where our food comes from and finding the joy and adventure in cooking well.  We’re on the front lines of the movement to change the way food is produced, served and eaten!

Find inspiration and creative ways to start eliminating food waste in your own home using your KitchenAid appliances. 


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