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Refurbished appliances are tested to ensure like new quality and performance.




Shop Refurbished Stand Mixers and Small Appliances

Enter a world of expanded possibilities with KitchenAid® refurbished small appliances. Shop now and save on refurbished stand mixers, blenders, food processors and more.


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Explore all KitchenAid® certified refurbished small appliances

These unused or lightly used countertop appliances have been thoroughly inspected and carefully restored to perform like new, making them a perfect kitchen companion for makers of all kinds.

Refurbished Stand Mixers and Accessories

If you've been wanting an iconic KitchenAid® Stand Mixer, a refurbished stand mixer could be just what you need. Shopping refurbished is another great way to lock in your preferred color, capacity and features. Refurbished stand mixer attachments and accessories add both functionality and versatility as you create in the kitchen.

Refurbished Food Processors, Blenders and Hand Mixers

For a perfect blend of time-saving efficiency and exquisite presentation, consider a refurbished food processor. These countertop companions let you quickly and easily chop, slice, grind and more. A refurbished blender can be your springboard to enjoying healthy smoothies, frozen cocktails or other blended favorites. And for close-up control, try a refurbished hand mixer. You can whip, stir and knead your ingredients right in your favorite mixing bowl.

Refurbished coffee makers and grinders

Waking up with a refurbished coffee maker/grinder truly makes for a fresh start to the day. Shop these options for the freshest-ground, freshest-brewed cup of coffee you've been craving. 

Discover great sales on small appliances 

For all the latest limited-time offers on KitchenAid® appliances, be sure to visit the Special Offers page. There you’ll find promotional information and links to KitchenAid® Outlet appliances, as well as current countertop appliance sales and offers on major appliances.