How to mince garlic in a food processor

Minced garlic is widely used in a variety of dishes as it adds an irresistible, rich aromatic flavor. If your recipe specifies mincing garlic, you may want to consider using your food processor to do the work. A food processor can help with meal prep by delivering minced, chopped or pureed garlic at a fraction of time, leaving your fingers clean and smelling garlic-free.

It’s possible that you’re wondering what is minced garlic and how does it vary from other methods. Mincing garlic involves cutting it into very small pieces vs. chopping. This method releases the flavor evenly, allowing it to meld with the other ingredients and creating just the right aroma for dishes like garlic bread. This guide will show you how to mince garlic with a food processor and offer other helpful tips.

How to mince garlic

Minced garlic can complement a variety of cuisines and using a food processor can help you streamline this task. You’ll want to use the multi-purpose blade of your food processor when mincing garlic.


1/4 cup (typically 1 garlic bulb)

  • Garlic 

  • Olive oil or avocado oil (optional for preservation)

  • Salt (optional for preservation)

Prep time

3 minutes

Total time

5 minutes

KitchenAid® food processor in a modern kitchen.

Step 1: Prepare food processor

To chop or mince ingredients in a food processor, you’ll want to start with a multi-purpose s-blade. Set the food processor base on a flat surface and attach your work bowl. Attach your multi-purpose blade inside the bowl–follow your owner’s manual for exact instructions. 

Garlic bulbs.

Step 2: Prepare garlic cloves

To remove the garlic cloves from the bulb, place it root side down on a flat surface and use the palm of your hand to press down. This can help loosen the garlic cloves so you can pull them apart. Discard the outer skin and remove the cloves you’ll be using for your recipe. Cut a small slice of the stem end of the clove–where it was attached to the root. This can help loosen the skin around the clove. Then peel the skin off.

Woman mincing ingredients in a KitchenAid® food processor.

Step 3: Mince garlic

Place your cloves in the work bowl along with salt if using, then pulse your food processor until you reach your desired consistency. Look for 1/8 inch or smaller, evenly-sized pieces of garlic. If you’re adding oil, drizzle it through the feed tube or drizzle basin, depending on your model, while pulsing.


Watch that you don’t overprocess the garlic and end up creating a paste. This may create a more pungent flavor.

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How can I mince garlic without a food processor?

If you have a hand blender with a food chopper attachment, use the attachment to mince garlic. For best results, pulse by pressing and releasing the speed controller until your desired minced consistency is reached. Use this immersion blender uses and techniques guide to learn more about it.

Another technique for mincing garlic is to use a knife to first smash the cloves with the flat edge and then gather the cloves together and rock the knife back and forth through the pile repeatedly until they’re all cut into tiny pieces.

You can also use a fork, though the result will mash the cloves instead of creating clean cuts. Simply press the fork down over the garlic clove. Remove the garlic from the fork and press again at a different angle. Keep doing this until it’s minced.

What’s the difference between minced vs. chopped vs. pressed garlic?

Mincing, chopping and pressing garlic may add a slightly different flavor and texture to your recipe. At 1/16” or smaller, minced garlic tends to be mild, tender and sweet. Chopped may have slightly larger pieces with a milder taste. Pressed garlic involves crushing the cloves which lends to a stronger flavor. 

In general, the smoother the garlic consistency, the stronger the flavor. Although, depending on your palate and your recipe, you may not notice much of a different taste.

How can I chop garlic in a food processor?

The versatile food processor can quickly and easily chop garlic into small pieces for your favorite recipes. Use your multi-purpose blade, fill the work bowl and use the pulse setting to control your desired consistency. Pulse less for a coarse chop, more for a fine chop and even more for minced garlic.

Consider using a 3.5 cup food chopper or a 5 cup food chopper from KitchenAid brand for smaller amounts of minced garlic for quick recipe add-ins.

How can I store minced garlic?

It’s hard to beat the taste of fresh minced garlic especially with the convenience of a food processor for meal prep, but you can store it for future recipes. Simply use an airtight container, add the garlic and cover it with a neutral oil, like olive or avocado oil, leaving close to 1/2 inch space from the lid.

For more ideas on how to store ingredients for later use, explore the key to proper fresh herb storage and the difference between herb types.

How long does minced garlic last?

While it’s ideal to use minced garlic in recipes right away for freshness in taste, minced garlic can last approximately one week in the fridge or up to around three months in the freezer. Make sure to store it in an airtight container with a neutral oil, like olive or avocado oil.

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