Types of Food Processor Blades and How to Use Them

The functionality and versatility of food processors are unmatched in helping you unlock new culinary possibilities in the kitchen. This kitchen helper is accompanied by discs and accessories that transform your processor from chopping, mixing and pureeing to a mini powerhouse that can shred, slice and even knead dough. Use this guide to help familiarize yourself with the different food processor blades and how you can take advantage of their capabilities to elevate your recipes.

KitchenAid® food processors are easy to assemble, use and clean. Learn how to get the best use out of the versatile set of food processor blades on the 7 and 9 cup models.

Types of Food Processor Blades

Most food processors come with a multipurpose s-blade and at least one disc that can be added to your food processor to broaden its versatility. There are sometimes also a number of other blades and kits that can be used to expand the scope of tasks that a food processor can do–like a french fry disc, a dicing kit and a dough blade, among others. KitchenAid® food processors, for instance, typically come equipped with at least one multipurpose blade and reversible shredder/slicer disc. Select models also come with additional discs and accessories that can further expand your capabilities.

Slicer/Shredder Disc

Slicer/Shredder Disc

Many food processors feature a 2-in-1 blade for slicing and shredding. The slicing/shredding disc is a reversible blade attachment that gives you the versatility to shred anything from lettuce and cabbage to root vegetables, like carrots, to fresh fruits or potatoes or slice a variety of ingredients, including zucchini, jalapenos and even cheese. To slice, simply insert the disc into your food processor so the raised slicing blade is facing up. To shred, turn the disc so the small, raised shredding blades are facing up.


Some food processor models, like the KitchenAid® 9 Cup Food Processor come with multiple slicing discs featuring different thicknesses for even more control and precision. Use your food processor’s shredding disc in recipes like a flavorful Shaved Brussels Sprout Saute, then flip it over to slice potatoes for Loaded Potato Slices for a delicious weeknight side dish.

Multi-purpose or ‘S’ Blade

Multi-Purpose or “S” Blade

The s-blade, also known as the Sabatier blade, is a metal multipurpose blade that chops, mixes and purees your ingredients. To use, fit the blade over the shaft in the center of the work bowl, then rotate the blade  until it rests at the bottom of the work bowl.


The s-blade consists of two angled blades facing opposite of each other, forming an S-shape that you can use to create delicious recipes like this Cinnamon Apple Crostata, or even this Vegan Hawaiian Poke Bowl with Teriyaki Sauce. Use the pulse setting on your food processor to chop and mix, and leave the machine on continuously to blend and purée.


Most, if not all food processors will come with this type of blade or something similar, even if it doesn’t come with other discs or accessories.This blade works best when used with the Low or Pulse function, which makes it ideal for making salsas and nut butters.

Dough Blade

Dough Blade

Dough blades are usually made out of plastic and have dull edges meant to turn and pull dough as opposed to cutting into it. You can use it to make fresh breads, pastry crust and pizza dough. To install for use, place the dough blade on the drive adapter of your food processor and rotate the blade so it falls to the base of the adapter.


Some food processor models may come with a dough blade attachment, like the KitchenAid® 13 Cup Food Processor, inspiring you to make a homemade Food Processor Pasta that would pair nicely with this Fettuccine Bolognese.

Types of Food Processor Attachments and Accessories

Food processors come with attachments and accessories that make it easy to chop, shred, precision slice, dice, knead, mix and puree everything from fresh veggies to cheeses, doughs, sauces and so much more. Select Kitchenaid brand food processors include features like External Adjustable Slice, convenient in-bowl storage, various feed tube sizes, Multipurpose Blade, and Dicing Kit, elevating your experience in the kitchen. Here’s how each accessory can help you create delectable dishes for memorable mealtimes.

  • External Adjustable Slice: Exact Slice disc that easily adjusts to slice ingredients from thick to thin. 

  • In-bowl storage: An all-in-one storage solution that allows you to neatly stores all blades and discs directly in the bowl.

  • Feed Tubes: Depending on your model, you may have a 2 or 3-in-one feed tube to process a variety of ingredient shapes and sizes - tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes and more.

  • Dicing Kit: The 13 Cup Food Processor with Dicing Kit  helps you provide texture to recipes with diced ingredients.

Shop KitchenAid® 7 and 9 Cup Food Processors

Easy to use, clean and store, the KitchenAid® 7 and 9 Cup Food Processors feature an innovative design with a one-click, twist-free, bowl assembly and latched lid. The blades and discs fit inside the bowl to make storage easy. Chop, puree, shred, slice and even knead with select models.

Shop KitchenAid® 13 Cup Food Processor with Dicing Kit

For even more versatility and capacity, opt for the KitchenAid® 13 Cup Food Processor with Dicing Kit. Chop, shred, precision slice, dice, knead, mix and puree everything from fresh veggies to cheeses, doughs, sauces, salsa and so much more. The 3-in-1 feed tube reduces prep time, allowing you to process a variety of ingredient shapes and sizes—tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes and more. In addition to being easy to use, all of the accessories fit nice and neat in the included storage caddy, which nestles directly inside the 13 cup bowl. Or store ingredients for later use, directly in the work bowl, with the refrigerator lid.

How Do You Clean Food Processor Blades?

Make sure to keep your food processor blades, discs and accessories in good condition by cleaning each part as soon as you’re done using them. This helps avoid food sticking to the blades which can make cleanup more difficult. 

To wash blades by hand, carefully wipe them with warm soapy water and a soft cloth or soapy sponge. For a quick wash, fill the bowl with water until it’s ⅓ of the way full, add a few drops of dishwashing liquid and run the food processor on high for 30 seconds. 

KitchenAid brand blades are top rack dishwasher-safe, so if you choose to clean blades in a dishwasher be sure to use the gentle cycle and avoid high-temperature cycles.

How Do You Safely Store Food Processor Blades?

Store your food processor blades where it’s convenient and safe for you to reach. Colanders, Tupperware or lid racks are all popular options for storing blades safely, but avoid storing them next to other metal utensils that could potentially contact the blades and dull them.

Storing your food processor blades is fast and simple with select KitchenAid® food processors that allow you to store the multi-purpose blade, discs and dough blade within the work bowl for all-in-one storage.

Do Food Processor Blades Need Sharpening?

Food processor blades may eventually need to be sharpened after being used extensively or if used improperly. Ingredients tearing rather than finely cutting in the food processor can indicate that it’s time to sharpen your blades. It is recommended to replace your food processor blades if they are damaged due to improper use. If you need a replacement blade for your KitchenAid brand food processor, shop genuine KitchenAid® parts designed to the exact fit of your appliances.

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KitchenAid® food processors help you explore and experiment with new recipes, bringing new sauces, dressings and salads to life. Looking for food processor replacement parts? KitchenAid brand has you covered. If you’re looking for a new food processor, KitchenAid brand offers a wide variety of colors, including white, red and blue food processors.

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