How to Shred Potatoes With a Food Processor

Shredding potatoes in a food processor is a great way to streamline ingredient preparation and allow more time for experimenting with a variety of cooking methods. Using a food processor can enhance your epicurean adventures in a variety of meals like hash browns, potato pancakes, latkes, fritters, frittata and other bakes. Discover how to use a food processor for grating potatoes, some delicious recipes and handy tips. 

A plate of potato vegetable fritters with an aioli sauce A plate of potato vegetable fritters with an aioli sauce

Shredded potatoes recipe

A KitchenAid® food processor can serve as a versatile tool in making your go-to shredded potato meals and inspiring new recipes. Read on to learn how to quickly grate potatoes to complement any shredded potato recipe.


One pound of potatoes–approximately three medium potatoes–will yield around two cups of shredded potatoes. This is the equivalency of two servings. If your recipe calls for four servings, use two pounds of potatoes.

  • One pound of potatoes
Prep time

Three minutes

Total time

Fifteen minutes

A woman putting a blade into a KitchenAid® food processor A woman putting a blade into a KitchenAid® food processor

Step 1: Prepare food processor

Attach the slicer/shredder disc to the top of the drive adaptor of your KitchenAid® food processor and lock it into place along with the lid.

Step 2: Prepare your potatoes

Wash, scrub and dry your potatoes. Your recipe may recommend peeling to remove the skin before shredding potatoes in a food processor, but it’s really up to you. Slice the potato lengthwise into pieces that fit into the feed tube of your food processor.

Step 3: Shred your potatoes

Set the food processor on high speed and insert your potato slices one at a time into the feed tube. If your food processor includes a food pusher, use it to press the potato into the feed tube.

Step 4: Soak your shredded potatoes

Rinse the potatoes under cold water until the water runs clear to remove excess starch. Then lay the potatoes onto a sheet tray lined with a clean kitchen towel. Pat dry as much as possible, cover the shredded potatoes with a clean towel and allow them to rest for at least 10 minutes.  A lower moisture content is the secret to crispier potatoes and can help keep baked recipes from becoming soggy.

Step 5: Use or store shredded potatoes

Once your shredded potatoes are dry, add them to your recipe. If you’re planning to use them later, store them in water with lemon juice or white wine vinegar in the refrigerator. You can also store them in the freezer, but since a food processor makes shredding potatoes such a quick task, it’s best to work with fresh ingredients.

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Should I peel the potatoes before shredding them?

Recipes usually recommend peeling potatoes before shredding. To remove the skin or not is personal preference. Unpeeled potatoes can have a tougher texture, but may deliver a higher nutrient value. Peeled potatoes tend to cook more evenly. Learn how you can add the potato skins to other recipes.

KitchenAid® slicing/shredding blade KitchenAid® slicing/shredding blade

What food processor blade should I use for grating potatoes?

To grate potatoes, use the slicing/shredding disc. It comes standard with most food processors and can be reversible like the ones with the KitchenAid® food processors, or a single-function blade. For best results, shred food when it’s cold. Find out more about food processor blades.

What type of potato should I use?

The type of potato you use will depend on the texture you’d like for your shredded potato recipe. A russet potato is more starchy and tends to be crispier when fried. Waxy potatoes, like a red potato or Yukon Gold, hold their shape together better with a balance of creaminess and crispiness, yet not quite as crisp. They have less starch and higher moisture content. Any type of sweet potato is another great option for grating potatoes in a food processor.

How can I use shredded potatoes in recipes?

From sweet to savory, shredded potatoes add flavor to a variety of recipes. Try delicious vegetable fritters, tasty potato latkes or savor skillet hash browns. If you’re a sweet potato fan, delight your palate with sweet potato pancakes, sweet potato pizza, or a delectable sweet potato carrot cake. Learn more about how to use sweet potatoes and yams in your favorite recipes.

KitchenAid® stand mixer with a fresh prep slicer/shredder attachment in a modern kitchen next to freshly sliced vegetables KitchenAid® stand mixer with a fresh prep slicer/shredder attachment in a modern kitchen next to freshly sliced vegetables

Can I shred or grate potatoes without a food processor?

You can shred potatoes with a hand grater or mandoline over a plate or bowl. A KitchenAid® stand mixer with a fresh prep slicer/shredder attachment is another easy way to shred potatoes. Try your culinary hand at vegetable tart or herb fritters

Can I store shredded potatoes before cooking?

While it's recommended to use freshly prepared shredded potatoes for your recipes, you can store them for up to 24 hours in the refrigerator or about one year in the freezer. If storing them in the fridge, cover with water and add lemon juice or white wine vinegar to keep them from discoloring.

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KitchenAid® food processor in a modern kitchen KitchenAid® food processor in a modern kitchen

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Using a food processor offers convenience in shredding potatoes, freeing you up to create even more saving you valuable time in the kitchen. In fact, a food processor can be used for more than basic food prep and allow you to discover new flavors and textures in a variety of recipes. Explore the variety of sizes and features of KitchenAid® food processors to find the right fit to inspire your culinary creations.

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