For All Makers: KitchenAid Stories

A woman in a canvas apron and pink shirt happily smiling at you from her kitchen.


A diverse group of passionate individuals whose spirit finds fulfillment and joy in the kitchen regardless of skill level, gender, ethnicity or age. They are the essence of our brand and inspire everything we do. Stories is a celebration of them.


It takes a particular type of person to look at a humble bag of flour and see a croissant. It takes something special to turn an hour into a three-course meal, or a recipe into a calling card. For creations worth celebrating and meals that become memories, it takes a Maker.

Makers have their own way of looking at the world. They know that magic is something that’s whipped up… one pinch of sugar or dash of salt at a time. And it’s for them that KitchenAid exists — to help enable and empower, to open up a world of possibility.

A collection of assorted pans and cookware hanging from a wall-mounted pot rack.
A young man in a denim apron taste-testing his homemade sauce in a pot on the stove.

From cooking to crafting, baking to brewing — making is bigger than a recipe on a page. It’s emotional. It’s personal. It’s worth sharing.

And that’s why we created this space… to tell these stories. All of you have celebrated and loved KitchenAid since the beginning. And now it’s time for us to celebrate you and your unique stories just as passionately. 

So, if you have a taste for adventure and an appetite for inspiration, you’ve got a seat at this table. Here, Maker is a spirit, not a skill set. Whether you’re starting out or a seasoned chef, if the kitchen calls to you, answer it. And we’ll be here every step of the way. 

For all those who don’t cook to live, but live to cook. 

This is for you.


Experienced hands rolling out homemade gnocchi on a gnocchi roller board with a chef's knife.
An overhead close-up of a mixer attachment doused in freshly made dough.
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Two Storytellers.
One Enchanted Destination.

Where will the path to inspiration lead? Join a journey of design discovery and see how
KitchenAid brings two unique perspectives to life in unexpected ways.