How To Make Shave Ice With a Stand Mixer: Recipe Tips

No ordinary dessert, shave ice is beloved the world over for its many flavors, as well as its light and fluffy texture. With as many variations as can be imagined, shave ice is a culinary blank canvas: the perfect foundation for your kitchen creativity. And with the KitchenAid® Shave Ice Attachment, you can experiment endlessly to create your favorite shave ice recipes. Keep reading to learn more about how to make shave ice.

What is Shaved Ice?

With its roots in Japanese and Hawaiian culture, as well as other variations of shave ice desserts around the world, shave ice is a frozen treat that is lighter and fluffier than its other ice-based counterpart, the snow cone, which has more of a crunchy texture. Created by finely shaving ice blocks, this delectable dessert is topped with different kinds of syrup and flavorings before serving.

Shaved Ice Recipe

The best part about making shave ice is that every creation is the perfect opportunity to express your creativity and discover new, exciting flavors. To make shave ice with the KitchenAid® Shave Ice Attachment, first fill your ice molds with liquid and freeze. Once ice molds have frozen completely, prepare flavorings and toppings. Assemble your Shave Ice Attachment by connecting it to your stand mixer. Insert your molds and run the attachment to shave your ice into a bowl. Finish by applying your favorite flavors and toppings.


4 servings


  • Blocks of ice

  • Fresh fruit, pulp or juice

  • Sweeteners like agave nectar, honey or sugar

  • Creamy additions like sweetened condensed milk, caramel sauce or coconut cream (optional)

  • Toppings like nuts, chopped fruit, mochi or candies (optional)


12 hours


13 hours

A pitcher pouring water into ice molds

Step 1: Prepare Ice Molds

Fill your molds to their fill line with fresh water, juice, milk coffee or other liquid. Freeze for at least 12 hours. Depending on what kind of liquid you use and other factors, this could take up to 24 hours so be sure to plan ahead. You can store frozen molds in the freezer so they are ready to use whenever a craving strikes.

A bottle of flavored syrup

Step 2: Create Syrup Flavoring

After making your ice molds, move on to creating your syrup flavoring. For a basic fruit syrup, combine fresh chopped fruit, water, sugar, a squeeze of citrus juice and pinch of salt in a saucepan. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to medium-low and simmer for around 15 minutes. Puree in a blender, then strain and cool completely. This can be done a day in advance. Store in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use.

A cube of ice

Step 3: Temper Ice

Take your ice molds out of the freezer and let them sit for 10-15 minutes until they become glossy. This may not be necessary for all recipes.

A KitchenAid® stand mixer with Shave Ice Attachment

Step 4: Assemble Your KitchenAid® Shave Ice Attachment

Assemble your KitchenAid® Shave Ice Attachment and secure it to your stand mixer’s power hub. For full setup instructions, see this detailed guide or consult your owner’s manual.

A fluffy mound of shave ice

Step 5: Shave Ice

Once your frozen ice pucks are loaded and the attachment fully assembled, turn the stand mixer to high and rotate your bowl underneath to catch the light and fluffy shaved ice.

Syrup being poured on shave ice

Step 6: Pour Syrup on Shave Ice

Now that you have your shave ice, remove your syrup mixture from the fridge and pour it over the top of your shave ice.

A bowl of colorful fruits

Step 7: Top Shave Ice

If you have any additional toppings to add, now is the time to sprinkle, drizzle or scoop them on top. Try including fresh dragon fruit, mango and pomegranate seeds for sweet flavor, then add a crunchy texture with toppings like toasted coconut, red bean paste, nuts or mochi. And when in doubt, a scoop of your favorite homemade ice cream can also elevate a shaved ice recipe to new heights.

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Can I create variations of shave ice?

There are many delicious variations of shaved ice. Each of these variations can be created with your KitchenAid® Shave Ice Attachment. From tangy and spicy Raspados to creamy and chewy red bean-topped Bingsu, there is a world of shaved ice treats to explore.

Try these shaved ice recipes from around the world:

How do I prepare ice for the shave ice attachment?

To prepare your ice for your KitchenAid® Shave Ice Attachment, all you need to do is fill your molds with fresh filtered water, juice, coconut milk or other liquid. Let the molds freeze for 12-24 hours, and then remove the ice blocks to insert them into your shave ice attachment.

Can I use alternative methods to make shave ice?

Because shave ice involves finely shaving off layers of ice, the best way to create shave ice is with a tool or appliance specially designed for the task. A shaved ice machine or attachment like the KitchenAid® Shave Ice Attachment will help you achieve the thin sheets of ice needed for a light and fluffy texture. Ice made from water alone may be too hard to grate by hand or in a food processor, but if you’re using coconut milk, dairy or other liquid with some fat content, you may be able to use these alternative methods to get something similar.

What kind of toppings can I make for shave ice?

When making shave ice, there is no limit to the dessert flavors you can create. Try combining flavors like those in this blackberry kiwi recipe to truly elevate your sweet treat. If you’re looking for classic flavors, chocolate strawberry mochi is a sumptuous choice. And for a unique combination of vetetal and malty flavors, you can always create this matcha and red bean recipe.

How do I make shave ice fluffy?

For the fluffiest shave ice, you will want to make sure you temper your blocks of ice before inserting them into the shave ice attachment. All it takes is removing your ice from the freezer 10-15 minutes before you plan to shave. As the ice starts to sweat, the softer it becomes and the fluffier your ice will be.

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Watching hard ice molds transform into light and fluffy shave ice demonstrates the power of the right tools in your kitchen. If you own a KitchenAid® stand mixer, pairing it with a Shave Ice Attachment1 is the perfect way to explore new dessert possibilities from around the world, or customize your own flavor combinations. Discover stand mixers and attachments to help unlock new recipes and techniques.

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