How to Make Baobing: Chinese Shaved Ice Recipe

A towering heap of shaved ice covered in a sweet mixture of condensed milk and various toppings, baobing is a refreshing dessert best enjoyed during a hot summer day. You can learn how to make this traditional Chinese and Taiwanese icy treat with a few tips and your KitchenAid® stand mixer* and Shave Ice Attachment.

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What is baobing?

Baobing, (or Tshuah-ping as known in Taiwan) is a Chinese and Taiwanese shaved ice dessert believed to have been served in China as early as the seventh century. It's served on hot summer days as a mountain of thinly shaved ice with a variety of toppings like fruit, sweet red adzuki beans, green mung beans, tapioca pearls, rice balls and a condensed milk mixture.

Baobing with red beans and matcha Baobing with red beans and matcha

Baobing shaved ice recipe

Making this traditional style Chinese shaved ice dessert is a relatively simple process with the help of your KitchenAid® stand mixer and Shave Ice Attachment. Follow these tips to make a deliciously refreshing summer treat that will also satisfy your sweet tooth.


4 to 6 servings, depending on how much ice is used


This recipe outlines some ideas for a traditional-style baobing, but you can choose whatever toppings work best for you.

Baobing with strawberries and various toppings Baobing with strawberries and various toppings


  • At least 4 cups of ice or more


  • Coconut milk 

  • Whole milk

  • Sweetened condensed milk


  • Assortment of fruits like mango, lychee, strawberries or rambutan 

  • Sweet red bean paste (homemade or canned) 

  • Mung beans 

  • Tapioca pearls 

  • Grass jelly 

  • Peanuts 

  • Steamed taro 


A Red KitchenAid® Stand Mixer with Shave Ice Attachment. A Red KitchenAid® Stand Mixer with Shave Ice Attachment.


  • KitchenAid® stand mixer 
  • Shave Ice Maker Attachment 
  • Ice molds

  • Large reclosable bag 

  • Bowl 

  • Whisk 

  • Immersion blender or food processor

Prep Time

  • 20 minutes to cut and assemble toppings 

  • 30 minutes cooking time 

  • 12-24 hours waiting time


  • 12 to 24 hours

Person removing ice from ice mold


Fill your Shave Ice Attachment molds with water and freeze for 12-24 hours. Stock up on ice blocks so that you always have them handy for whenever the mood strikes for an icy dessert. Place in plastic storage bags if keeping for later.

Peaches on a cutting board

Step 2: Prepare toppings

Cut or dice any fruit you'll be using into bite-sized pieces. If preparing tapioca pearls, follow the instructions per the package and let cool. If preparing a homemade bean paste, you can also make it the night before. Soak and drain the beans and add to a cooking pot with three cups of water and bring to a boil. 

  • Reduce the heat and cook until the beans are soft and bursting. 

  • Use an immersion blender or food processor to roughly blend the beans into a textured puree and cool down completely.

 Shaved ice with sweetened condensed milk

Step 3: Mix milky syrup mixture

In a large bowl, mix together the coconut, whole milk and sweetened condensed milk with a whisk. You'll want a thicker consistency since this will cascade down the ice and saturate the toppings better.

Person using a KitchenAid® stand mixer with shave ice attachment

Step 4: Shave the ice

Remove the ice pucks from the freezer and let them sit out until they're glossy. Meanwhile, attach the Shave Ice Attachment to your KitchenAid® stand mixer hub. Once the ice is ready, place an ice puck in the ice cup and secure onto the attachment. Release the lever and turn on high, while holding and turning a bowl underneath to catch the ice shavings as they fall.

Shaved ice dessert with fruit syrup and various toppings

Step 5: Assemble the baobing

Use shallow bowls to place a heaping helping of shaved ice that comes to a point. First spread the bean mixture before moving on to other toppings like tapioca, taro, mango, strawberries or grass jelly (if using) and finish off with a generous drizzle of the milky syrup mixture.

Shaved ice dessert with fruit syrup and fruit Shaved ice dessert with fruit syrup and fruit

What are some tips for making an authentic baobing recipe?

The traditional version of baobing has mildly sweet flavors, with the sweetness coming from the sweetened condensed milk mixture–add more condensed milk if you want a sweeter and thicker syrup. Cooking the beans at home will add a particularly authentic touch, since this is how it's typically served in China.

What’s the difference between baobing, kakigori and bingsu?

Kakigori is the Japanese version of shaved ice and has a fluffy, snow-like texture as opposed to the thin sheets of baobing. The shaved iced is piled into a cup or bowl and topped with flavored syrups and fruit. Bingsu, on the other hand, originates from Korea and has the same snowy consistency that kakigori has. It's traditionally topped with sweet red beans, rice cakes, fruit, soybean powder and ice cream.

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