Are KitchenAid® attachments and bowls dishwasher safe?

After preparing and enjoying a delicious meal, it's tempting to let your dishwasher take care of cleanup. However, not all kitchen tools are dishwasher safe. To keep them in good shape, it’s important to find out before adding them to a load. Many KitchenAid® attachments, accessories and bowls are dishwasher safe, but there are exceptions. This guide can help you determine whether a tool can go in your dishwasher or is better suited for washing by hand.

What does dishwasher safe mean?

Generally dishes and kitchen tools that can withstand high heat, wash sprays and detergent without damage can be considered dishwasher safe. Each manufacturer follows its own process to determine standards, so refer to your owner’s manual if the item in question isn’t labeled as dishwasher safe.

Which KitchenAid® attachments are dishwasher safe?

KitchenAid® stand mixer attachments come in a variety of materials with multiple parts. Which stand mixer attachments are dishwasher safe will vary by model and many feature a mix of dishwasher safe and hand wash only parts. Always check your owner’s manual to determine if the parts are dishwasher safe.

If you’re unsure if an item is dishwasher safe, most attachments, accessories and bowls can be hand-washed in hot, sudsy water. Be sure to dry your tools thoroughly. To clean your KitchenAid® stand mixer, simply wipe it down with soft, damp cloth and wipe clean the beater shaft. Explore more tips on how to clean your KitchenAid® stand mixer.

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Are KitchenAid® stand mixer bowls dishwasher safe?

All KitchenAid® stand mixer bowls are dishwasher safe with the exception of the hammered copper bowl that comes with the 2022 Design Series Blossom Tilt-Head Stand Mixer. For dishwasher safe bowls, you have a choice of stainless steel, glass or ceramic material in a variety of colors, patterns and textures. Learn more about the range of KitchenAid® stand mixer bowl options.

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Are KitchenAid® beater accessories dishwasher safe?

KitchenAid brand makes stand mixer flat beaters, dough hooks, wire whisks/whips and pastry beaters in a variety of materials. Coated and stainless steel beaters are dishwasher safe and recommended for upper rack placement. Burnished beaters are made of polished aluminum and are not dishwasher safe.

Some wire whips or whisks are stainless steel with a burnished aluminum hub which is the area where the tines are inserted. These are not dishwasher safe. To clean, hand wash and dry immediately to prevent oxidation. If a burnished beater is washed in a dishwasher or soaked in the sink, it can oxidize. But, this oxidation is not harmful and can be removed.

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