What is a Dual Fuel Range?

Combining the power of a gas flame cooktop and the even heat of an electric oven, a dual fuel range from KitchenAid offers you the best of both worlds.

What does “dual fuel” range mean?

“Dual fuel” refers to the combination of gas and electric fuel sources. Gas cooktops provide more responsive temperature control than their electric counterparts, while electric ovens create a dry heat compared to gas ovens. The heating elements in an electric oven are often designed to cover more area inside the cavity so you may not need to rotate your baking dishes as often. A dual fuel range provides your kitchen with the responsiveness of a gas cooktop with the optimized heat distribution of an electric oven.

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Stainless steel KitchenAid® dual fuel range Stainless steel KitchenAid® dual fuel range

How does a dual fuel range work?

Dual fuel ranges require a gas line hookup for the cooktop and an electric hookup for the oven. The stovetop uses gas to provide an open flame that is ideal for sauteing and searing and allows you to utilize other cooking techniques like roasting and charring. The oven uses electric heating elements that create the proper environment for browning and crisping.

Why would you want a dual fuel range?

Dual fuel ranges are designed to deliver responsive temperature control on their cooktops and consistent heating in their oven. If you love both cooking and baking, a dual fuel range provides you with the heating options you need to explore new recipes.

With the versatility of a dual fuel range, creative curators can become masters of new culinary techniques. With the gas cooktop, you can char peppers on the open flame, cook fresh tortillas and get just the right sear on a delicious piece of steak for the perfect taco night. The dry heat in an electric oven is just what you need to get golden brown and crispy results when roasting vegetables, and the optimal temperature cycling helps to maintain low heat for cooking sauces.

Open oven with trays of food inside Open oven with trays of food inside

What are the pros and cons of dual fuel ranges?

While dual fuel ranges can provide the best of both worlds, there are some advantages and disadvantages to consider as you shop for your range upgrade.

What are the pros of a dual fuel range?

  • Gas cooktop temperatures can be adjusted quickly

  • Drier heat in electric oven helps promote crisping and browning 

  • Consistent oven temperatures reduce the need to rotate dishes while baking

What are the cons of a dual fuel range?

  • Electric ovens may take longer to preheat compared to gas options

  • A dedicated gas line will need to be installed if you don’t already have one

Close up of gas cooktop Close up of gas cooktop

How does a dual fuel range compare vs. gas?

Dual fuel ranges give you versatility in your kitchen, as you can reap the same benefits of a gas cooktop with the added bonus of an electric powered oven. When using a gas oven, you may experience more temperature variation. The heating element does not cycle on and off as rapidly as electric ovens and can cause slight fluctuations throughout the baking process. Heating elements in electric ovens are often designed to be cycled more frequently to help maintain the cavity temperature, so you won’t need to rotate dishes as often.

How does a dual fuel range compare vs. electric?

The main difference between an electric range and dual fuel can be found on the cooktop. Gas cooktops have responsive temperature control that provides nearly immediate heat to pots and pans, helping reduce your wait time before you can begin preparing your meal. Electric cooktops can take longer to heat up and cool down, making the change from boil to simmer a more time consuming task.

Green dual fuel range with double oven Green dual fuel range with double oven

Is a dual fuel range right for my kitchen?

With the versatility of a KitchenAid® dual fuel range, you can discover new recipes and cooking techniques. Take advantage of the gas cooktop to flambé the perfect coq au vin and get the perfect heat for molded cookware, like woks. Utilize the dry, even heat of the electric oven to turn your kitchen into your own French patisserie. For more information to help you along on your shopping journey, explore all ranges from KitchenAid.


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