Inside your new premium KitchenAid® refrigerator

Created with a bold blend of design and functionality, KitchenAid® refrigerators help you keep food fresh and easy to find while making a statement in any kitchen. 

Premium features and preservation technology keep your leftovers ready to be reinvented, herbs stored at a proper temperature and every ingredient where you need it whenever you're ready to embark on your next culinary adventure.

KitchenAid brand's innovations and preservation options are there to assist in your culinary creations. With this guide, explore your new refrigerator's intuitive layout, premium touch points and innovative features. 

A person slicing fruit and a black KitchenAid® refrigerator. A person slicing fruit and a black KitchenAid® refrigerator.


Your new refrigerator has many appetizing storage features to keep everything organized, and its inspired design options create an ideal fit in most kitchens.

A slide-out drawer from KitchenAid brand.

Under-Shelf Prep Zone

Utilize the unused space in your refrigerator with a slide-out pan that easily transitions from the fridge to the oven, so you can stay in the creative flow. This versatile feature turns usually unused space into a prep zone, perfect for chilling desserts, dough and marinating meats.

A sliding storage tray with fruits and cheeses.

Sliding Storage Tray

Available on select models, the sliding storage tray is a versatile area for storing platters, organizing ingredients and keeping items easily accessible. It comes in a wood-look finish that is moisture- and stain-resistant, and you can fully remove the tray for easy cleaning. 


This feature allows three-quarters of the shelf to retract to accommodate taller items, such as wine bottles, up to 16.75 inches. This flexibility offers tall-item storage space and helps optimize organization.

A person refilling water from a refrigerator dispenser.

Measured Water-Fill

Forgo your measuring cups and use the convenient presets, with an option to customize settings for frequently used amounts of your own. Measured water-fill automatically dispenses water in ounces, cups or liters. You can choose from three programmed settings to pour a measured amount. Plus, two custom presets can be programmed for items you frequently fill, like a coffee pot or water bottle.

 A stocked refrigerator with fresh fruit and ingredients.

Adjustable Spill Resistant Glass Shelves

These interior shelves are fully removable, easy to clean and help prevent messes from spilling over into other parts of the refrigerator. The shelves have been treated with an innovative coating around the edges that helps contain spills so they don’t run over into other parts of the refrigerator.

A slide-out tray with grapes, salami, olives, fruit and cheese.

Pull Out Trays

The pull out tray found on select KitchenAid® refrigerators provides an ideal space to store large platters of appetizers or charcuterie boards for easy serving access. These trays help resist moisture and are removable for quick cleanup. Full-extension allows easy access and self-close glides provide effortless movement, even when fully loaded.

An ice dispenser in a KitchenAid® refrigerator.

Exterior Ice and Water Dispenser

The water dispenser is easy to access and positioned just right to easily fill cups, pitchers, pots and more during food preparation and the ice maker provides more premium, small ice cubes.

A fully-stocked French Door refrigerator from KitchenAid brand. A fully-stocked French Door refrigerator from KitchenAid brand.


KitchenAid® refrigerators offer premium temperature management systems that help retain the taste and texture of your fresh and frozen ingredients. Many of the features listed below can be adjusted with touchscreen controls that put all refrigerator functions at your fingertips. With its intuitive design and easy-to-use controls, the touchscreen helps make your refrigerator a versatile kitchen assistant. 

A red and white cake in a refrigerator.

ExtendFresh™ Temperature Management System

Keep ingredients fresh with a sensor-controlled system that detects when either the refrigerator or freezer is above the correct temperature. The sensors monitor airflow within your refrigerator and trigger the compressor to activate a fan that directs cool air into the desired compartment. This helps to quickly lower temperatures to their appropriate level.

Humidity-controlled crisper drawers in a KitchenAid® refrigerator.

Humidity-Controlled Crispers

You can control the amount of humidity in the moisture-sealed crisper, a dedicated storage option with adjustable humidity levels. You select the high humidity that keeps romaine crisp, or the arid environment that helps figs and apricots stay fresh.

Various meats and cheeses in a FreshChill™ Temperature-Controlled drawer.

FreshChill™ Temperature-Controlled Full Width Pantry

You can customize and maintain the freshness of your ingredients with this manual setting. This feature gives you control over the amount of air that enters the drawer. 


Meats can be kept at a temperature that is colder than the rest of the refrigerator and produce can be sealed off from the air flowing through the refrigerator compartment. From a tri-tip to a large rhubarb from the farmer's market, you have control over how much cool air enters the drawer to maintain the freshness of your ingredients.

A jar of fresh orange juice and cherries on a refrigerator shelf.

Preserva® Food Care System

Select KitchenAid® refrigerators feature the Preserva® Food Care System with two independent cooling systems—one dedicated to helping keep food fresh longer, and a separate system for frozen food. The FreshFlow™ Air Filter in this system helps minimize odors, while the FreshFlow™ Produce Preserver helps delay over-ripening.

An external display panel on a KitchenAid® refrigerator.

Max Cool

When selected, this feature automatically adjusts the temperature in the refrigerator and freezer to the lowest setting. This helps keep the refrigerator at the ideal temperature even when you have the doors open for an extended period while loading freshly purchased produce.

A multi-door KitchenAid® refrigerator in a modern kitchen. A multi-door KitchenAid® refrigerator in a modern kitchen.


KitchenAid® refrigerators come in a range of configurations, including French door and side by side, with a variety of innovative features to help keep your favorite ingredients fresh. Elevate your ability to host parties and family gatherings by understanding and utilizing your new refrigerator and its features. Learn more about how refrigerators work and how to choose the best refrigerator for you.

Spacious Storage for All of Your Ingredients

Professionally-inspired storage designs help prevent overcrowding, preserve freshness and allow for quick and easy access to your favorite ingredients. Select KitchenAid® refrigerators are equipped with innovative features, like Soft-Close Drawers, Pull Out Trays and In-Door-Ice® Systems designed to free up space and help keep your items fresh and vibrant. Refer to your owner’s manual for the model-specific storage features.

Understand and care for your refrigerator

Your refrigerator has components and innovative features that work together to power your appliance. Help keep your appliance running efficiently by keeping up with cleaning and performing routine checks. It’s recommended you use a mild detergent, warm water and a soft cloth for the best results when cleaning your appliance. Be careful not to use abrasive detergents, harsh chemicals and cleaners with chlorine to avoid damaging your refrigerator. 

It’s important to keep your fridge clean and organized—not only will it help you find what you need, but it can also help dairy, meats, produce and other foods stay fresh. To make sure your refrigerator continues to run smoothly, organize your ingredients to avoid overcrowding, routinely clean your fridge, and consult our guide if your refrigerator starts making unusual noises. Review our refrigerator troubleshooting guide or contact customer service for additional support in further understanding preventative maintenance.


Turn your kitchen into the space where your ideas flourish and your creativity comes alive. Enjoy function, versatility and style with KitchenAid® appliances that make your everyday tasks and more involved culinary creations a breeze.


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