Black food processor on counter surrounded by processed vegetables and a bowl of salad


To find the best food processor size for you, think of the kinds of recipes and quantities you like to make. Food choppers are best for quick, simple tasks or small portions. Mid-sized to large food processors can handle multi-serving recipes and can offer more versatility like shredding, slicing and julienning.

You can find food choppers and processors from around 3 cups all the way up to commercial 20 cup models with a wide range of functions, accessories and settings. Read our guide to food processor sizes to discover the possibilities they can unlock in your kitchen, and what size is right for you.


Food choppers are smaller at around 3–5 cups and are best for mixing, puréeing and—of course—chopping. Food processors feature a feed tube and usually run from 6–14 cups or even larger. They typically include more blades, discs and accessories to help you shred, slice, julienne and even dice or knead dough.


Find the best food processor size (or sizes) for you with this quick comparison to find out what kinds of things you can make with each.

Small blue food chopper chopping nuts next to a smoothie bowl


These smaller appliances are technically not food processors due to their lack of feed tube and simplified functionality of chopping, mixing and puréeing. They are best used for quick, simple tasks involving food prep for larger dishes or creating smaller amounts of flavorful sauces, dressings, dips, creamy desserts and even entrees for one or two people.

A 3–5 cup food chopper is great for things like: 

  • Chopping fresh herbs, onions and nuts 
  • Creating custom toppings or bases like herbed bread crumbs and custom parfaits
  • Puréeing small batches of dips and sauces like hummus, sage pesto or garlic aioli 
  • Mixing up minced entrees like spiced lamb meatballs, falafel or shrimp cakes
A bowl of whipped cream next to a bowl of berries

The KitchenAid® 5 Cup Food Chopper comes with a whisk accessory so you can also whisk, whip and stir a variety of ingredients, including whipped cream in just 30 seconds1 and also comes in a cordless version for even more freedom in the kitchen.

Mid-sized black food processor slicing cucumbers on a countertop


These food processors can hold larger amounts of ingredients than choppers and, thanks to a feed tube, usually have the ability to slice and shred in addition to chop, purée and mix. Some food processors of this size also include a dough blade to help knead bread dough, pizza crust and more. A larger basin combined with more functionality allows you to create more complex recipes from start to finish, or simply make larger portions of your favorite dips, sauces, marinades and more.

A 6–9 cup food processor is best for:

Baked ratatouille with sliced vegetables in a red dish

Some models like the KitchenAid® 9 Cup Food Processor come with a multi-purpose blade, a medium reversible slicing/shredding disc and a thick slicing disc for a variety of shapes and sizes ideal for your recipes. Upgrade to the Plus model to get an additional thin slicing/shredding disc and a dough blade for even more versatility.

Silver 13-cup food processor on counter with sliced and shredded vegetables


10–13 cup food processors are typically designed to chop, mix, purée, slice and shred but some models can also whip, dice, julienne and knead. These large food processors can be used for bulk food prep, batch cooking or feeding a larger family. 10–13 cup food processors also provide enough space to knead dough, then let it rise right in the work bowl.

10–13 cup food processors are great for:

  • Everything you can do with a smaller food processor from chopping, mixing and puréeing to slicing, shredding and kneading

  • Processing larger foods with a wider feed tube

  • Making large batches of recipes ranging from dips, sauces, soups, fillings and so much more to feed a crowd, store for later or give as gifts

  • Making sweet and savory apple cheddar scones, lemon scented strawberry jelly donuts, cheesy skillet hash brown nests and more

Baked scones in a pan next to an apple and a cup of coffee

The KitchenAid® 13 Cup Food Processor can help you simplify large batch meal making with the ability to chop, shred, precision slice, knead, mix and purée with ease to elevate everyday meals. A 3-in-1 wide mouth feed tube lets you process a variety of ingredient shapes and sizes. You can even process large items such as tomatoes, cucumbers and potatoes.

Large-sized black 14-cup food processor


14–16 cup food processors are among some of the largest food processors for home use that can chop, mix, purée, slice and shred with some models also able to knead, julienne and dice. The larger capacity makes these food processors an ideal kitchen companion for entertaining multi-batch recipes.

14–16 cup food processors are best for:

  • Everything you can do with a smaller food processor from chopping, mixing and puréeing to slicing, shredding and kneading

  • Processing larger foods with a wider feed tube

  • Making large batches of recipes ranging from dips, sauces, soups, fillings and so much more to feed a crowd, store for later or give as gifts

  • Dicing produce, cheese and more

  • Making the crust and filling for caramelized onion goat cheese tarts, fruit carpaccio with ricotta creamcoconut ginger cheesecake and much more
Caramelized onion goat cheese tart on table next to knife

The KitchenAid® 14 Cup Food Processor features the industry’s first hands-free commercial-style dicing kit that slices then dices soft and hard fruits and vegetables. The ExactSlice™ System is featured on this model as well for thin to thick cuts along with a 4 cup work bowl with multipurpose blade for smaller tasks and portions.

Large-sized black food processor with diced mango on counter with other ingredients


Consider the recipes you’d like to explore and your kitchen space when deciding what size food processor you need. You may even benefit from owning two different sizes of food processors depending on what you’re cooking up. A small chopper can help free you up to create more by handling the simpler tasks, while a food processor can help bring new techniques to your table. 

When it comes to choosing the best size food processor for your kitchen, consider the following:


What types of foods do you typically prepare? 

  • Do you like to experiment with different dips, sauces and dressings? If so, make sure your food processor has a drizzle basin or oil drizzle opening that allows you to slowly incorporate liquids for emulsification. 

  • Does your sweet tooth crave a menu with decadent desserts? A small or mid-sized food processor with a whisk accessory may be ideal—every dessert is better with freshly whipped cream on top.

  • Would you like help kneading doughs for breads, pizza crusts and more? Look for a model with a dough blade.

  • Are you looking to produce various culinary knife skills like slicing, dicing and julienning? Larger models may have additional functions and may be your best choice.


How much food do you typically make? If you’re cooking for just one or two people, a food chopper or mid-sized food processor may be just what you need. If you’re cooking for a big family or you like to entertain, a 9 cup model or larger may be a better choice.


How much consistency and uniformity do you need when preparing dishes? Most medium sized food processors and larger come with three power settings:

  • Low: best for softer foods like tomatoes 

  • High: best for firmer foods like potatoes  

  • Pulse: best for controlling how fast or slowly food is processed 

Smaller models may feature a pulse setting for quick and simple operation.



Will you be using your food processor often and need an easy-to-clean option? Select KitchenAid® food processor models have a sealed, leak-resistant work bowl, rounded corners and smooth finishes which means less food gets trapped in the bowl and lid. The bowl, lid and accessories are also dishwasher safe.

Food processor filled with a fruit purée on a counter


Do you have a smaller kitchen or countertop workspace? Some food processors come with easy to store features like select models from KitchenAid brand that feature a compact design, in-bowl accessory storage and a convenient cord wrap. The smallest models offer a countertop friendly footprint and may be the best food processor for small kitchens.


This may not be a feature you’ve given much thought to, but the feed tube can make a major difference in how you’ll use your food processor and what kinds of results you can achieve.

In general, the larger the food processor, the wider the feed tube or chute options. This can better accommodate larger foods, like whole zucchinis or potatoes which can mean less prep work before processing. A wide feed tube allows you to push larger pieces of produce, cheese and more into the blades for processing and can enable long slices like french fry cuts depending on your blade or disc accessories. 

Large food processors may come with a double or 3-in-1 feed tube so you can have more control over how your food meets the blades. If your menu often includes a wide variety of ingredients from large russet potatoes to long and thin scallions, you’ll benefit from having multiple feed tube sizes.


KitchenAid brand offers a range of food choppers and food processors for everything from hummus for two to dinner for a crowd. Shop select 3.5 and 5 cup food choppers to chop, mix, purée and even whip a range of recipes. Or explore larger capacity options from 7–13 cups that allow you to also shred, slice and knead. Select models feature an innovative design with a one-click, twist-free bowl assembly and latched lid that’s very easy to use and clean.