How To Shred Brussels Sprouts With a Food Processor

Brussels sprouts add delicious texture and nutrients to your favorite salad or roasted vegetable recipes, but their shape and size can make them challenging to shred with only your knife and a cutting board. You can use your food processor to shred Brussels sprouts to help make cooking prep quick and easy.

Use this article as a guide to shredding Brussels sprouts with your KitchenAid® food processor so you can streamline your creative process.

Shredded brussels sprouts recipe

With the help of a KitchenAid® food processor and the Slicing/Shredding Disc attachment, you can shred large quantities of Brussels sprouts with ease to add to your favorite recipes.

  • Brussels sprouts

Prep Time
  • 10 minutes

Total Time
  • 20 minutes

  • Food processor, like the 9 Cup Food Processor from KitchenAid brand

  • Slicing/Shredding Disc

  • Sharp kitchen knife

  • Cutting board

Step 1: Assemble your food processor

Place the food processor base on a flat surface and attach the work bowl. Then, lower the drive adapter onto the drive pin in the work bowl.

Step 2: Attach the blade

Once your food processor has been set up, select the Slicing/Shredding Disc ensuring the shredding blade is facing up. Lower the disc onto the drive adapter and lock it into place, then attach the food processor lid.

Step 3: Prep the brussels sprouts

Clean your Brussels sprouts by rinsing them in lukewarm water. Place rinsed Brussels sprouts on a cutting board and trim the ends off of each sprout with a sharp kitchen knife.

Step 4: Shred the brussels sprouts

To shred Brussels sprouts in a food processor, select the “High” speed setting on your appliance. Place your Brussels sprouts in the feed tube. Use the food pusher to press the Brussels sprouts into the blade. Repeat this step until you have shredded all of the Brussels sprouts you need for your recipe.

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What are the best tools for shredding brussels sprouts?

There are several methods for shredding Brussels sprouts, including using a sharp knife to make thin slices by hand or using a food processor with a shredding disc or blade. Shredding Brussels sprouts by hand can be more time consuming and may create less uniform results, while a food processor does the majority of the work for you and can help to create more uniform sized Brussels sprout pieces.

Should I use an S blade or shredding plate for shredding brussels sprouts?

Though you can use an s-blade to process Brussels sprouts, it is typically recommended to use a shredding plate or disc when shredding brussel sprouts as this blade is specially designed for the task. S-blades are better for chopping rather than creating long shredded pieces.

Spring rolls on a wooden cutting board Spring rolls on a wooden cutting board

How can I use shaved brussels sprouts in recipes?

Shaved Brussels sprouts can be used in a variety of recipes to add texture and flavor to your favorite dishes. Brussels sprouts have a mildly sweet and nutty flavor that works well with a multitude of dishes, like this Brussels Sprout Salad with Maple Mustard Dressing or these Brussels Sprout and Turkey Spring Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce.

Can shaved brussels sprouts be eaten raw?

Yes, you can eat raw Brussels sprouts as long as they have been properly cleaned. Raw shredded Brussels sprouts are a great addition to traditional chopped salads to add depth to the texture profile of the meal. You can also upgrade your standard coleslaw recipe by adding shredded Brussels sprouts, like this Brussels Slaw with Creamy Maple Tahini Dressing.

Can I shred brussels sprouts in advance for meal prep?

Brussels sprouts are best stored whole to prevent wilting, but if you prefer to meal prep your vegetables you can store shredded Brussels sprouts in an airtight container for up to two days in the refrigerator. 

Can I freeze shredded brussels sprouts?

If you end up shredding more Brussels sprouts than your recipe called for, you can freeze your Brussels sprouts with the right technique. To preserve their flavor and texture, blanche your sprouts before locking them in an airtight container and placing them in your freezer.

Shredding brussels sprouts: Additional tips

  • Similar to shredding cabbage, make sure your Brussels sprouts have been chilled before you shred them, as cold ingredients tend to shred better.

  • Remove any wilted or damaged leaves from your sprouts before placing them in the food processor.

  • You can remove damaged leaves quickly by placing the sprouts in a sealed container and rapidly shaking the container up and down.

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