How to Mince Chicken in a Food Processor

As a versatile, lean protein, there are a number of dishes that creatively use chicken, such as delectable chicken lettuce wraps or juicy chicken meatballs. These recipes call for minced chicken, which is not as common as other types of chicken but nevertheless allows you to be creative and inventive with recipes at home. A food processor helps you mince chicken at home, creating fresh, customized recipes. Read more to learn how you can use a food processor to level up your preparations of this essential ingredient.

A plate of eggrolls containing minced chicken A plate of eggrolls containing minced chicken

Using a food processor to mince chicken

Food processors help you customize recipes exactly to your tastes. That’s because a food processor gives you more control over exactly what goes into your mixtures. As a result, you have the flexibility to make many different minced chicken recipes from scratch, like Kung Pao Egg Rolls, Chicken Peanut Wontons or Stuffed Bell Peppers. Get started experimenting with new recipes by following these steps for mincing chicken in a food processor— including freezing your chicken, mincing it, configuring your food processor and running it, depending on how much chicken your recipe calls for.


  • Boneless, skinless chicken breast
  • Spices, herbs or other flavorings (optional)

Prep Time

60 minutes

Total Time

70 minutes

Step 1: Freeze your chicken

Chicken is a leaner protein than either pork or beef. This means it is easier for chicken recipes to turn out dry, if you aren’t careful. By partially freezing your chicken for 60 minutes, you ensure that moisture is retained within the chicken and that the breast is easier to prepare before mincing chicken in your food processor.

A work bowl being locked into a food processor base A work bowl being locked into a food processor base

Step 2: Set up your food processor

Secure the work bowl at the base of your food processor. Lower the drive adapter onto the drive pin located inside the work bowl to complete your set up.

Step 3: Attach the blade

Insert the multipurpose s-blade by fitting the blade over the shaft in the center of the work bowl. Lock the blade into place by rotating it until it sits at the bottom of the bowl.

Step 4: Prep chicken for mincing

First, place the chicken on a cutting board and remove any gristle or fatty tissue with a sharp knife. Next, cut your chicken into one-inch chunks to allow for smoother mincing in your food processor.

A KitchenAid® food processor with ingredients sitting next to it A KitchenAid® food processor with ingredients sitting next to it

Step 5: Mincing chicken

Once your chicken has been cut into cubes, place them in the food processor work bowl. Select your pulse setting to mince your chicken (as opposed to high or low setting) and hold the button in short bursts until your chicken achieves a smooth consistency. If you will be mixing in any spices, herbs or other flavorings, add them to the work bowl after pulsing a few times.

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What is the difference between mincing and grinding chicken?

There is a subtle but crucial distinction between mincing and grinding chicken. Minced chicken is achieved by knifework or a food processor to cut the poultry into very fine pieces. Whereas the latter goes through a meat grinder and is crushed with pressure.

An s blade attachment for food processing An s blade attachment for food processing

Is the “S” Blade the best choice for mincing chicken?

Many food processors are outfitted with several different blade types, but only the s-blade can mince chicken. That’s because you’ll need to cut the chicken over and over until very small pieces are achieved.

Can I mince chicken in a blender?

You can mince chicken in a blender, however your result may be closer to a puree than when using a food processor. Food processors are able to cut chicken into fine pieces, creating a smooth mixture. Blenders should be used mostly when your final product is something you can drink, drizzle or dip.

How can I mince chicken without a food processor?

Although you can mince chicken without a food processor, this device will be your best option for precision and ease of use. For those with excellent knifework, it is possible to cut your chicken finely by hand. And when in a pinch, utilizing a food grinder on hand is an option.

A tray of minced chicken meatballs A tray of minced chicken meatballs

Can I add spices, vegetables or other seasonings during mincing?

If you are mincing chicken in a food processor, you can add other seasonings while mincing. Season your chicken as you would normally before placing it in the food processor, then add additional seasonings or ingredients after pulsing a few times.

Can I prep minced chicken and store it in my refrigerator or freezer?

If you’re looking to meal prep for the week, preparing minced chicken for storage can be free you up to make even more. When it comes to weekly meal planning, fresh minced chicken lasts for two days in the refrigerator. And if you want to save some for last-minute meal inspiration, minced chicken is good for up to two months in the freezer.

Plated Thai chicken meatballs Plated Thai chicken meatballs

How can I use minced chicken in recipes?

Used in fresh and flavorful cooking, minced chicken is a versatile ingredient in a variety of recipes. One delicious example is using minced chicken for Thai chicken meatballs. With this lean, flavorful ingredient, you will be able to make staple recipes that your friends and family will love. Simply use a food processor to mince and mix your chicken and ingredients instead of a food grinder.

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