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KitchenAid has partnered with Yummly to bring you thousands of recipe ideas you’re sure to love. Yummly's app and website search over two million meal ideas to help you create a personalized digital recipe box, complete with recipes that uniquely match your skill level, taste preferences, diet, and more. So, let’s get to making!




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Solving the Daily Dinner Dilemma

Yummly's recipe database provides limitless inspiration for the kitchen, with personalized tools that enable culinary exploration, experimentation, and growth. Using their exclusive Food Genome and patent-pending Food Intelligence technology, Yummly provides personalized recipe recommendations that answer “What's for dinner?” so you don't have to. 

But there's more than just recipes cooking at Yummly. Search, save, and schedule recipes, then cook along with step-by-step guided videos. Simplify mealtime with customizable meal plans, smart shopping lists, and a virtual pantry to discover recipes using what you have on hand — then take Yummly wherever you go with top-rated apps for iOS and Android. Done cooking? Browse Yummly's library of helpful articles to make your next meal a success.


Take the Guesswork Out of Cooking

Get the results you want, every time, with the Yummly® Smart Thermometer. The completely wireless meat thermometer features built-in timers and alerts that let you multitask with confidence, while assisted cooking programs make for great food, time and time again. 

Just tap what you're cooking, choose your preferred doneness, and the connected Yummly® app will guide the way from there — no memorization needed. Use your own signature meat recipe or try one of Yummly's test kitchen favorites to cook beef, poultry, fish, and more just the way you like.


Discover the Yummly app today to explore KitchenAid exclusive recipes and content. A004_C024_0227CK


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