12 Mother’s Day Dinner Ideas And Recipes

Make Mother’s Day a little extra special by serving a delectable dinner to celebrate a person that’s truly exceptional. Give them a special meal that they’ll never forget with different Mother’s Day dinner ideas. Get your creative juices flowing with the recipes listed below. 

Male sprinkling bread crumbs in a dish next to a grater, wooden platter with bread and KitchenAid® stand mixer. Male sprinkling bread crumbs in a dish next to a grater, wooden platter with bread and KitchenAid® stand mixer.

Mother’s Day Dinner Recipes: Entrees, Side Dishes and More

Execute an ambitious and delicious Mother’s Day dinner menu and build upon the recipe ideas below with your own unique combinations of side dishes, appetizers and desserts.

Lamb chops on a plate

1. Thai Lamb Chops

This sweet and savory lamb chop recipe is infused with ginger and lemongrass flavors. Serve with roasted asparagus for a Mother’s Day dinner mom will love.

Whole roasted fish on a plate

2. Asian-Style Roasted Whole Fish

This recipe is as simple to make as it is delicious. This roasted fish recipe packs a punch with its bursting ginger flavors and pairs beautifully with garlic bok choy.

Closeup of a sushi burrito

3. Sushi Burrito

Surprise mom with an unexpected meal this Mother’s Day. This sophisticated sushi burrito is filled with pineapple, cucumbers, wasabi and nori for a burst of fresh flavors and textures. Your KitchenAid® stand mixer and flat beater helps you pack in all the flavors for a well-balanced bite.

Roasted salmon on a plate on grains

4. Honey Mustard Balsamic Roasted Salmon

A flavorful marinade of honey, vinegar and dijon mustard brings this salmon and couscous dish together for a meal that will delight mom. Your KitchenAid® K400 Variable Speed Blender helps you create a smooth marinade to coat your main dish.

Pile of freshly-rolled pasta on a wood platter

5. Homemade Pasta

Take dishes like the baked garlic butter shrimp scampi mentioned above to the next level with homemade pasta. Use your KitchenAid® stand mixer and Pasta Roller Attachment for authentic sheets of dough and the Pasta Cutter Set for silky strands of spaghetti, bucatini and other types of fresh pasta.

Bacon-wrapped scallops on a platter with sauce in the middle

6. Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

These delicious bacon-wrapped scallops can be served prior to the main course as an appetizer, or you can even make them the main event when served with Chinese noodles as an Asian-inspired Mother’s Day dinner.

Baking dish of butternut squash manicotti

7. Butternut Squash Manicotti

Keep things a little healthier with butternut squash manicotti. Use your KitchenAid® stand mixer and Vegetable Sheet Cutter Attachment to create thin sheets of butternut squash to fill with a delicious and creamy ricotta.

Wheels of pork tenderloins stuffed with seasoning

8. Fennel, Rosemary, Apple & Brown Sugar Pork Tenderloin

Tender pork is wrapped in rosemary and apple and then coated with a sweet and savory glaze of soy sauce, bourbon, honey, brown sugar and dijon mustard. Mom won’t be able to get enough of the balanced flavors in this dish.

Beef wellington with a side of cognac sauce

9. Beef Wellington with Cognac Sauce

Perfectly cooked beef wrapped in a puff pastry, this is a special dinner for a special person. Serve with a drizzle of a rich cognac sauce for a Mother’s Day dinner that pulls out all the stops.

Two t-bone steaks with blue cheese butter

10. T-Bone Steaks with Blue Cheese Butter

Nothing says it’s a special occasion like a perfectly juicy and decadent steak for dinner. Add even more layers of flavor with a blue cheese butter that complements your steak perfectly.

Herringbone vegetable lasagna in baking pan

11. Herringbone Vegetable Lasagna

Mom will delight in both the beautiful presentation of this vegetable lasagna as well as the flavors in this hearty dish. Thin ribbons of zucchini form delectable layers of marinara sauce and bechamel for a vegetarian take on this Italian classic.

Korean BBQ pork chop on a plate

12. Korean BBQ Pork Chop

This sweet recipe is bursting with flavor and pairs well with savory sides like roasted asparagus and stir fry.

Female standing in kitchen mixing zucchini noodles with a spread of bread and vegetables on the kitchen island. Female standing in kitchen mixing zucchini noodles with a spread of bread and vegetables on the kitchen island.

How do I create a Mother’s Day dinner menu?

Your Mother’s Day dinner can be as intricate or simple as you’d like, but always consider contrasting flavors and avoid repetition throughout your courses. These tips will help you create a well-balanced menu.

  • Incorporate different textures and colors throughout the different courses. If you’re serving a creamy soup as an appetizer, consider an abundant stir-fry as your main dish.

  • Balance sweet dishes with savory for a flavorful meal. Serving scallops for dinner? A fruit tart would follow up nicely for a sweet finish. 

  • When including sauce, it should only be served with one dish throughout your meal.

How do I serve a Mother’s Day dinner?

If you want to go beyond a traditional pre-plated meal, there are several unique ways to serve Mother’s Day Dinner. 

  • Display appetizers on a wooden platter 

  • Set up a buffet-style layout for your main course

  • Include different textured bowls and platters for an effortless look

  • Use tiered platters to serve appetizers and desserts

  • Serve colorful beverages in glass drink dispensers or pitchers

Like other dinner parties, divide the Mother’s Day meal into different courses. Try appetizers for a first course, a soup or salad for a second course, with the third course being the main entree. Finish off with a dessert like a bright tropical passion fruit mousse pie or rich and silky chocolate, sea salt and olive oil brownies topped with ice cream. 


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