Wine Refrigerator Buying Guide

A wine refrigerator is key to preserving your wine so your bottle is as fresh and flavorful as it can be when you’re ready to uncork it. Keep your reds and whites at their perfect serving temperatures so you always have the perfect pairing for your meal on hand.

Check out this wine refrigerator buying guide to expand your vino collection.

Explore undercounter refrigerators and wine cellars from KitchenAid brand.

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Side-by-side wine refrigerators, one opened and one closed Side-by-side wine refrigerators, one opened and one closed

Are Wine Refrigerators Worth It?

Wine refrigerators provide a controlled environment with ideal temperatures for your cabernet sauvignon, pinot grigio and other favorite red and white varietals. Because this environment is tailored specifically for wine, it is an ideal option for long-lasting storage, allowing your wine to properly age to reach its optimal flavor.

Whether you are a dedicated collector or simply hosting a dinner party, a wine refrigerator helps keep your bottles fresh and helps the subtle flavors come to life in your glass.

What Does a Wine Fridge Do?

A wine fridge, also known as a wine cooler or wine cellar, is essentially a modern, practical version of a traditional wine cellar. A wine refrigerator may be installed in your kitchen or entertainment area, and it provides a temperature-controlled environment for your wine. Models with glass doors also put your collection on display and ready for your guests.

Wine refrigerators are designed specifically to create a dark, dry environment for your collection and reduce the risk of UV light exposure, which may damage the bottle and compromise the aging process of your wine.

Dual temperature zone wine refrigerator Dual temperature zone wine refrigerator

What is the Temperature Range Inside a Wine Refrigerator?

Most wine refrigerators can be set between around 40 and just under 70 degrees to cover the range of optimal serving temperatures for both whites and reds. A wine fridge can be set to maintain a consistent temperature of 55 °F, an environment that can properly store all types of wine long term.

However, you can also typically set it to the ideal serving temperature for your wine. For example, certain red wines, such as a lighter pinot noir or a heavy syrah, can be stored between 60 to 68 °F. Whereas, some white wines, like a classic sauvignon blanc, should be served at a cooler temperature between 48 to 52 °F to unleash the aromas and vibrant flavors.

Regardless of your wine preferences, with a wine refrigerator you are in control of the temperatures and can set the appropriate range for your wine collection.

What Types of Wine Refrigerators are Available?

There are different types of wine refrigerators available to store your favorite bottles. If you are partial to only red or white wine, then a single temperature zone fridge may allow you to maintain long-term storage for your syrah or viognier at one temperature.

However, if you have a mix of unique red and white wines in your collection, a dual temperature wine refrigerator may be ideal. These models have two separate temperature-controlled sections to simultaneously store red and white wines at their optimal settings, respectively.

KitchenAid brand provides these single and dual types of cooling zones in undercounter wine cellars, beverage centers and undercounter refrigerators. Learn more on the different types and their advantages below.

KitchenAid® wine refrigerator with hidden hinges KitchenAid® wine refrigerator with hidden hinges


An undercounter wine cellar, or wine refrigerator, is designed specifically to preserve bottles of wine for optimal aging in a temperature-controlled environment. These models control the humidity inside the wine cellar and prevent it from being exposed to outside light with UV protective glass, providing a cool, dark setting for your collection. 

Many have the capacity to hold a large collection of wine, like this KitchenAid® 24-inch Undercounter Wine Cellar with Glass Door and Metal-Front Racks, that holds 46 standard wine bottles.

Undercounter wine cellars bring out your wine’s rich flavors and aromas with the ability to adjust to ideal serving temperatures, allowing you to experience the subtleties when you indulge in a glass of your favorite red or white.


  • Designed specifically for wine storage.

  • Variable temperature control.

  • Glass window to see inside on select models.

  • Built-in or freestanding installation available.

  • Humidity control.

  • UV light protection.

KitchenAid® undercounter wine cellars offer must-have features, like Temperature Monitoring Systems that alert you if temperature fluctuation occurs, and Motion-Activated LED Lighting that illuminates as you approach the fridge.

Explore the complete undercounter wine cellar collection from KitchenAid.

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Beverage center with sparkling water, juice and limes inside Beverage center with sparkling water, juice and limes inside


An undercounter beverage center has the ability to store all types of beverages and small food items you’ll need for entertaining, including wine, lemons and limes, martini olives and cheeses.

Undercounter beverage centers provide storage flexibility as an alternative to your main refrigerator, as well as convenient shelving and rack designs to match your organizational preferences.


  • Variable temperature control.

  • Convenient storage options for all types of beverages.

  • Glass window to see inside without opening the beverage center.

Some KitchenAid® beverage centers are equipped with Two-Temperature Zones, allowing you the flexibility to dedicate the lower zone to chilling wine between 42 to 64 °F and the upper zone to keeping your craft brews and seltzers cold at 33 °F.

Explore the complete collection of undercounter beverage centers from KitchenAid.

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Stainless steel KitchenAid® undercounter refrigerator Stainless steel KitchenAid® undercounter refrigerator


Undercounter refrigerators provide the capabilities of a standard refrigerator in a compact, freezer-less appliance. These models may be used to store your favorite beverages, appetizers and ingredients, allowing easy access to what you need for your recipes. Although they are not typically used for wine storage, they are perfect for chilling a couple bottles before serving.

Undercounter refrigerators from KitchenAid may also help you delight your guests with the convenience and practicality of having refreshments readily available when you are entertaining.


  • Alternative to your main refrigerator.
  • Convenient storage and accessibility for your favorite ingredients.
  • Readily-available refreshments for guests.

KitchenAid offers sleek, stainless steel undercounter refrigerators to mesh with any kitchen decor and layout, including fully flush installation with hidden hinges.

Explore the complete collection of undercounter refrigerators from KitchenAid.

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Wine refrigerator with top and bottom racks filled with wine Wine refrigerator with top and bottom racks filled with wine

What to Look for in a Wine Fridge

While every wine refrigerator may provide temperature control, UV protection and the ideal environment for wine preservation, selecting the model that suits your wine preferences and storage capacity is key. Factor in the following considerations in your journey to the perfect wine cellar.

Storage capacity

Standard wine refrigerators are about 24 inches tall and have the capacity to hold more than 40 bottles.


Many wine fridges from KitchenAid are able to be seamlessly integrated into your existing area with sleek installation and hidden hinges.


A single temperature or dual temperature zone may be ideal depending on your preference of red wine, white wine or both.

Types of wine refrigerators

Do you want storage specifically dedicated to wine, or a versatile option for other drinks and appetizers?

Energy efficiency

Select energy efficient undercounter wine cellars and refrigerators from KitchenAid support sustainability and can help save money on utility bills.

Style and design

Versatile undercounter wine refrigerators from KitchenAid can complement your existing decor with a stylish stainless steel finish.

Stainless steel side-by-side refrigerator and undercounter wine refrigerator Stainless steel side-by-side refrigerator and undercounter wine refrigerator

What is the Difference Between a Wine Refrigerator and Standard Refrigerator?

Wine refrigerators are designed specifically to preserve wine with consistent temperatures and humidity control in a dark setting. Wine refrigerators also minimize temperature fluctuation with fewer instances of opening and closing the door for browsing its contents.

Any fluctuations in temperature may affect the taste the wine and deteriorate the corks.

Undercounter wine cellars are also more compact and provide flexibility with installation and placement, as opposed to standard freestanding or built-in refrigerators.

Explore this refrigerator buying guide for more tips and best practices.

Should I Get a Wine Fridge?

If you have a wine collection or are looking to get started, a wine fridge is an indispensable addition for your home. It will allow you to get the most out of your wine and enjoy the vibrant, complex flavors of each glass. A wine cellar allows you to keep multiple varietals on hand and ready to uncork at your next dinner party for the perfect pairing no matter the dish.

Explore the wide array of KitchenAid® undercounter wine refrigerators for your personal collection.

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