What is a Tall Tub Dishwasher?

A tall tub dishwasher offers a larger interior capacity than standard sized models but has the same exterior dimensions. They typically hold at least 12 place settings. After creating an amazing spread in the kitchen, you can use a tall tub dishwasher to load specialty cookware like woks, paella pans and casserole dishes to get everything clean and ready to use for your next meal. Explore this guide to tall tub dishwashers and discover whether a larger-capacity model is right for you.

Woman pulling out a dishwasher rack filled with cups and plates Woman pulling out a dishwasher rack filled with cups and plates

What’s the difference between a tall tub and a regular dishwasher?

Tall tub dishwashers typically have wider tines and flatter motor configurations than regular dishwashers, so you can easily load baking sheets and serving dishes for a wash cycle. Regular dishwashers typically use larger motors and the spray arms are located beneath the bottom rack. The flat motor and top-placed washing arms of a tall tub dishwasher creates more space in the bottom rack so you can clean cookware in a variety of shapes and sizes, like blender pitchers and stand mixer bowls.

Unlike standard-sized dishwashers, tall tub models typically don’t have a kick plate at the bottom of the appliance to allow more usable space. Tall tub dishwashers come in both top control and front control configurations and in a variety of finishes so you can enjoy additional space in a design that matches your kitchen’s aesthetic. KitchenAid brand dishwashers have tall tub options with FreeFlex™ Third Racks to add even more capacity to your appliance.

Stainless steel KitchenAid® dishwasher in a grey and white kitchen Stainless steel KitchenAid® dishwasher in a grey and white kitchen

What are typical tall tub dishwasher dimensions?

Tall tub dishwashers are usually around 24 inches wide, 35 inches tall and 24 inches deep. Keep in mind that dishwasher dimensions exclude external handles, so you may need to consider a few extra inches in depth depending on the model you choose. Models that include an additional rack, like this KitchenAid® Dishwasher with FreeFlex™ Third Rack, have the same dimensions as standard dishwashers.

Is a tall tub dishwasher taller vs. a standard dishwasher?

Despite their increased capacity, tall tub dishwashers are typically the same height as standard-sized models. Both tall tub and regular dishwashers are around 35 inches tall.

Does a tall tub dishwasher require more space or higher countertops?

No, tall tub dishwashers can be installed in most kitchen configurations without having to open up additional space or adjust counter height.

Open KitchenAid® Dishwasher with FreeFlex™ Third Rack Open KitchenAid® Dishwasher with FreeFlex™ Third Rack

Do all tall tub dishwashers have 3rd racks?

Not all tall tub dishwashers include third racks in their configuration. Third rack dishwashers, like KitchenAid® dishwashers with FreeFlex™ Third Rack, offer an additional level of storage to your dishwasher with a deep, angled design that fits 6-inch glasses, mugs and bowls. KitchenAid® dishwashers with a third rack also feature rotating wash jets to clean dishes and glasses inside and out. Other third rack models feature a utensil rack to free up extra space on the lower level.

What are the benefits of a tall tub dishwasher?

Tall tub dishwashers help to simplify kitchen cleanup with increased interior capacity so you can focus more on creating a delicious meal rather than cleaning it up. Tall tub dishwashers can help you keep up with the tools you use from prep to table with benefits that often include:

  • Large capacity bottom rack to better fit baking sheets and serving dishes help to make cleaning after large gatherings easier.

  • Adjustable second rack designed to fit your cleaning needs, like washing party platters, pitchers, blender jars and more.

  • Select models featuring a third rack.

  • Standard exterior dimensions for simple installation.

Learn more about how to load a dishwasher to get the most out of your tall tub model.

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