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Stove Dimensions: How to Measure for a New Stove

When choosing a new stove for all your baked, braised and sauteed creations, the first thing you might consider is size. Our guide will help you understand standard stove sizes so you can choose the right size for your kitchen and for whatever recipes you cook up.

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What is a Standard Stove Size?

The standard stove size from KitchenAid is typically 30 inches wide, 36 inches tall, and roughly 25 to 27 inches deep, excluding handles, knobs, and control panels. These standard sizes ensure a seamless, flush integration with your countertops.

You can find a wide variety of types of stoves or ranges  within these standard dimensions, including freestanding ranges, slide-in stoves, and even double-oven models.

However, many variables including the number of burners, stovetop elements, oven capacity, and other factors mean you can find residential stoves between 30 and 38 inches, or more. In addition, you can also find kitchen stoves made for either small spaces or large commercially-inspired kitchens outside of these standard stove dimensions.

Typical Compact-Sized Stove Dimensions

  • Width: 20 to 24 inches

  • Height: 36 inches

  • Depth: 25 to 27 inches

Typical Commercial-Sized Stove Dimensions

  • Width: 30 to 36 inches

  • Height: 36 inches

  • Depth: 25 to 30 inches

Learn more about compact and commercial-sized stoves below.

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Compact, apartment-sized stoves are available for smaller areas and can save horizontal space in your kitchen. These stoves are generally 20 to 24 inches wide and are usually the same depth and height as standard-sized stoves at 25 to 27 inches deep and approximately 36 inches tall, excluding control panels.

Apartment-sized stoves come in both gas and electric and usually feature at least 4 burners, despite their reduced dimensions. However, the overall cooktop surface space, as well as oven capacity, are smaller than most standard-sized stoves. 

For this reason, some people with limited space or tricky kitchen layouts opt for a wall oven and separate kitchen cooktop combo.

If this sounds like the best setup for your space, explore wall ovens and cooktop options from KitchenAid.

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Is a Commercial-Style Stove Larger than Standard Ranges?

KitchenAid® commercial-grade and commercial-style stove widths can vary greatly due to differences in the number of ovens, cooktop surface size, and more. In general, single-oven commercial-style ranges fall between 30 to 36 inches wide. Double-oven commercial-style ranges can run 48 to 60 inches wide, and sometimes more.

Commercial-grade ranges designed for restaurants may offer even more size variation. However, commercially-inspired models designed for residential homes tend to have similar depth and height to standard-sized stoves: around 25 to 30 inches deep and approximately 36 inches tall excluding control panels, handles and knobs. Many commercial-style ranges include premium features along with larger-capacities and extra burners so you can simmer sauces, saute vegetables, and boil fresh pasta all at once.

For example, the Commercial-Style Range lineup from KitchenAid offers stoves up to 48 inches wide with double ovens, a Chrome-Infused Electric Griddle, and 6 burners—including two 20,000 BTU Ultra Power Dual-Flame Burners. For a slightly smaller model with premium, restaurant-inspired touchpoints and features, KitchenAid offers 36-inch commercial-style stoves. If you only have room for a standard-width stove, you can still bring this premium style to your kitchen with 30-inch KitchenAid® Commercial-Style Ranges. The professionally-inspired line comes in nine curated colors so you can personalize your range to your style. Learn more about commercial-style range features and benefits.

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Are Stove Dimensions Exact?

Stove dimensions can vary between the stove size itself and the cutout measurements. For example, a 30-inch stove may actually measure at 29⅞ inches wide, but it will require a 30-inch cutout for installation. 

It’s important to check the exact specifications of each stove to make sure it will fit your available space.

How Do I Measure My Stove Size?

The answer depends first on how you will install your stove. If you are installing your stove between cabinets, follow these step-by-step instructions for how to measure a stove:

Step 1: Remove Your Current Stove 

It’s best to measure the empty cutout space to ensure accuracy. To do so, you first need to remove your current stove. Make sure the stove is unplugged and the gas valve is turned off, if applicable. Next, remove the oven trays and carefully slide the stove out of the cutout space. Be mindful during this process to avoid damage to your floor.

Black range with appliance width diagrammed

Step 2: Measure for Stove Width

Use a measuring tape to measure the width of the cutout from cabinet to cabinet. To account for the possibility of uneven cabinets, take a measurement near the back of the opening, and a second measurement near the front. If there is any difference, go with the smaller dimension.

Black range with appliance depth diagrammed

Step 3: Measure for Stove Depth

Measure the cutout depth from the wall to the front of the cabinet, excluding the door. Again, it’s best to take two measurements: one along the right side, and a second along the left side. Use the smaller dimension if there is a difference.

Black range with appliance height diagrammed

Step 4: Measure for Stove Height

Measure the stove cutout height from the top of the counter to the floor on both sides of the cutout. Standard counters are usually 36 inches high. This could vary if the floor beneath your stove is different from the rest of your kitchen. Most stoves have adjustable feet so you can raise your appliance if needed.

Step 5: Other Cabinet Installation Clearances

The exact clearance you will need around a range installed between cabinets depends on your specific model, as well as whether it is gas or electric. Make sure to reference the installation instructions or product guides for your appliance, as well as comply with all local codes and ordinances. Here are some of the additional clearances you will need to consider:

  • Upper cabinet dimensions: Consider both the depth of the cabinet as well as the space from the underside of the cabinet to the countertop. 

  • Space above the cooking surface: Check minimum clearances needed from the cooking surface to the bottom of cabinets or other combustible surfaces.

Note: This will depend on whether or not you include a range hood or vent. If using, follow the hood or vent installation instructions for dimensional clearances above the cooking surface.

Distance between stove and wall: The sides of the range to a wall or other combustible material require a minimum clearance as well.

How Do I Measure for a Freestanding Range?

To measure for a freestanding range from KitchenAid, allow at least 40 inches of workspace in front of the range, as well as 48 to 60 inches of space between the range and other appliances. This ensures an efficient workflow and allows space to open the door and ample room to create..

Consult the appliance installation instructions and product guides for exact clearances needed for your stove.

Find Your Perfect Stove Size

Once you’ve determined which stove or range size is best for your kitchen, browse a full line of standard-sized stoves or commercial-style ranges from KitchenAid. Choose from a selection of slide-in ranges or freestanding ranges, including double oven options. Whether you’re looking to replace an existing stove, or creating your perfect kitchen from scratch, you’ll find a premium stove to fit your space and your culinary ambitions.

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