How Appliances Can Improve Home Value

Kitchen appliances can make all the difference in how much you enjoy your home. But they can also give your house a competitive edge when the time comes to sell. Whether customizing your new house or getting ready to sell, you may be wondering how to improve your home’s value with new appliances. Use this guide to explore what appliances to upgrade in order to improve its value.

Woman cooking in a kitchen with KitchenAid® appliances Woman cooking in a kitchen with KitchenAid® appliances

What are homebuyers looking for in new homes?

Popular features include higher-end appliances that can offer function while elevating style. For example, wall-to-wall cabinetry trends make panel-ready appliances highly sought after among buyers, since the paneling makes them easy to camouflage. This KitchenAid® panel-ready refrigerator can seamlessly integrate into cabinetry, offering a high-end finish that fits the style of your kitchen. 

A commercial-style range and range hood combination brings a gourmet kitchen together for buyers. Commercial style ranges, such as these from KitchenAid brand, provide high design and excellent performance for perfectly-executed meals, while a range hood like this KitchenAid® wall-mount canopy hood helps remove odors and filters steam and grease for clearer air in the home.  

Buyers are also looking for homes that can make wellness and healthy living more accessible. A clean kitchen is a healthy kitchen, so consider incorporating easy-to-clean ranges or cooktops with glass surfaces, like this electric double range from KitchenAid.  

Additionally, appliances with technology that can offer healthier methods of cooking are an attractive feature for potential buyers–especially millennials, who seek technology in the home. For instance, the KitchenAid® Smart Oven+ lets you steam, grill and bake in one appliance, while remotely monitoring and controlling the oven1, making healthy cooking easier to accomplish. More attractive qualities are kitchen islands with plenty of countertop space equipped with a wine cooler or undercounter refrigerator, like this panel-ready beverage center from KitchenAid that offers additional storage space for fresh ingredients and bottles of wine while keeping a fully-integrated look.


1. Appliance must be set to remote enable. Wi-Fi & App required. Features subject to change. For details and privacy statement, visit

Woman cooking on a glass cooktop Woman cooking on a glass cooktop

Your Home Market, Region & Price Range

Renovating your home can be exciting especially when it comes to upgrading your kitchen where changes not only enhance your everyday experience, but can often offer a great return on investment. For instance, according to a report by Nationwide Mortgage, 48% of millennials, would rather buy new construction instead of spending money on a home that would require renovations. Since millennials currently comprise 38% of homebuyers, investing in some new appliances may make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

However, whether or not new appliances add value to your home depends on a number of factors, and some appliances like refrigerators, ranges and washers more effectively improve home value than others. 

How much value is added to your home will also depend on the housing market, region and price range of properties in the surrounding area. Research houses in your neighborhood that are priced comparably to yours, so that you can gauge what buyers are looking for. Additionally, you'll want to model your home closely to others in your area.

Appliances to Consider Updating to Increase Home Value

This list will cover what appliance upgrades may offer a bigger return on investment when it's time to sell. Read on to learn how to pick appliances that will fit your style and needs as well as potentially add value for future buyers.

Woman chopping vegetables in a kitchen Woman chopping vegetables in a kitchen


Refrigerators are among some of the most common appliances bought when the time comes to move, and for good reason. Refrigerators are one of the highlights of a kitchen, which is a room that potential home buyers tend to focus on. An updated refrigerator can add value because potential buyers won't have to take this on as an added expense. If updating prior to selling, consider an energy-efficient fridge with features like water and ice dispensers, since buyers also tend to value these conveniences. Opt for stainless steel or black stainless steel for a sleek and updated look: these styles remain popular with home buyers and are often considered higher-end while lending themselves to that premium kitchen style that buyers are looking for.

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Woman placing baking sheet in the oven Woman placing baking sheet in the oven

Cooking Appliances

When choosing between a freestanding or slide-in range, slide-in ranges may add value to your home in the eyes of certain buyers because they can give a kitchen a more sleek and integrated feel. Convenience and style are key when selecting a range or cooktop, since today’s homebuyers prefer low-maintenance homes and appliances. When considering a cooktop, opt for one that is easy to clean like those with glass tops, and add an oven with self-cleaning capabilities for a kitchen that's easy to use and maintain.

If possible, consider double ovens, since these models are also desirable to potential homebuyers for their flexibility and added cooking space. While it may be tempting to add pops of color, you want to appeal to potential buyers. Neutral colors are still very popular, with 41% of homeowners preferring white cabinet doors complemented with gray, beige and white throughout the kitchen. Aim for a neutral appliance finish like stainless steel or black to make it easier for possible buyers to see themselves in the space while also offering a modern and updated look.

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Consider KitchenAid® cooking appliances for your next home renovation whether to enjoy for years to come, or in preparation of selling.

Do stainless steel appliances increase home value?

Stainless steel appliances tend to communicate an updated look to potential buyers. A full suite of appliances in stainless steel can complete a cohesive style with a high-end finish. Consider for stainless steel appliances like these dishwashers and stoves from KitchenAid for a refined space that appeals to buyers. 

As previously mentioned, an increasing number of homeowners are spending time cooking, and 41% of people value having a well-equipped kitchen with premium touchpoints. To provide some of that gourmet feel to your space, a KitchenAid® commercial-style range can be an attractive choice to consider. These types of ranges offer professional-grade aesthetics, in sizes that are ideal for your home kitchen.

Updated Appliances In Your Everyday Life

Upgrading your appliances to add home value should provide your kitchen with the versatility and functionality that inspires your own creativity, while also aligning with what new buyers want. Keeping up with market trends can help you make informed decisions when upgrading appliances so you can make your house more competitive when it's time to place it on the market.

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