Vegan Baking Ideas and Recipes

Free from dairy and eggs, vegan baking recipes are becoming more mainstream as more bakers seek out alternatives to classic desserts and recipes. When baking without dairy and eggs, you don’t have to sacrifice taste to make delicious, homemade vegan-friendly baked goods for home or to give as gifts.

Check out some vegan baking ideas to get started, determine which KitchenAid® countertop appliances will help you get the best results and learn more about the most useful vegan ingredients to have on hand.

Person piping cream onto mini pies Person piping cream onto mini pies

Vegan Baking Ideas to Try at Home 

Use this guide to help you create creative and delicious vegan baked goods that will rival or even surpass their traditional counterparts.

Gluten Free Vegan Magic Maple Cornbread from Yummly

1. Gluten Free Vegan Magic Maple Cornbread

Easily prepped with your KitchenAid® stand mixer, this gluten free and vegan recipe for cornbread is moist and delicious and the perfect pairing for your favorite chili or soup.

Fluffy Gluten Free Vegan Pancakes from Yummly

2. Fluffy Gluten Free Vegan Pancakes

Use your KitchenAid® blender or stand mixer to whip up these comforting vegan pancakes. Get creative with a fresh, vegan topping such as berries, fruit or nuts, and top with warm maple syrup.

Mini Vegan Pumpkin-Glazed Doughnuts from Yummly

3. Mini Vegan Pumpkin-Glazed Doughnuts

These decadent, vegan glazed doughnuts are sure to be a crowd-pleaser with their sweet glaze topped with a savory sprinkle of sea salt.

Everyday Artisan Boule from Yummly

4. The Everyday Artisan Boule

Create this delicious, naturally vegan bread with a crusty outside and soft, warm inside to dip in your favorite soups, slice for homemade sandwiches or even simply enjoy with creamy homemade butter.

Beyond these substitutes for your favorite sweets, there are also many great alternatives for pastas, meats and other foods. Keep in mind vegan baking and cooking doesn’t have to be limiting, but rather it can open up new culinary possibilities. Consider the vegan substitutes below and get creative experimenting with making your favorite recipes vegan-friendly.

Mint green KitchenAid® stand mixer with ceramic bowl and whisk attachment Mint green KitchenAid® stand mixer with ceramic bowl and whisk attachment

Essential Vegan Baking Substitutes and Ingredients

Many recipes for baked goods can be turned into vegan recipes by swapping eggs and the dairy ingredients for some of these common substitutions.

Plant-based yogurt

Plant-based yogurt such as coconut yogurt can be used as an egg substitute in cakes, loaves and quick breads, or anything that is similar to a cake and needs a creamy foundation. Make sure the yogurt you choose is unsweetened and unflavored.

Apple sauce and other fruit pureés

Fruit pureés such as apple or banana are great for adding moisture to quick breads and brownies and serve as a great vegan substitute for eggs or butter.

Starches (tapioca, corn, arrowroot)

These starches add fluff to a cake and are great for making custards, curds, or puddings that rely on eggs for thickening.

Chickpea brine

Another name for chickpea brine is aquafaba, and it can be used to make vegan meringue.

Silken tofu

Silken tofu can be used to craft your own lower-fat vegan version of sour cream. You can easily whip up your own vegan sour cream silken tofu with lemon juice, vinegar and salt.

Plant butters

Many vegan butter substitutes exist that you can use in your baking. They are a mixture of water and plant-based oil such as coconut, avocado and olive.

Whipped cream in KitchenAid® food processor next to strawberries Whipped cream in KitchenAid® food processor next to strawberries

Vegan Baking Tips

  • Double check labels to ensure ingredients are vegan

  • Choose recipes that are tested from trustworthy sources

  • Test in small batches

  • Learn and understand egg substitutes

  • Taste-test different vegan butters

  • Tackle simpler recipes when you’re just starting out

  • Choose the right plant-based milk for the taste you are looking for

  • Understand that vegan baking is a learning process

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