KitchenAid® Vegetable Sheet Cutter Attachment: Getting Started

To get started with your vegetable sheet cutter attachment, secure it to the power hub of your stand mixer. Move the blade carrier into the locked position, so you can insert the food holder and food of your choice. Secure the food holder into position and insert the food skewer. Now you can choose your blade and slowly begin to use your vegetable sheet cutter attachment.




Get started with your KitchenAid® Vegetable Sheet Cutter Attachment. Secure the vegetable sheet cutter attachment to the power hub of your stand mixer and move the blade carrier into the locked position. Trim the fruit or vegetable of your choice and insert the food holder into one end. If processing a zucchini or cucumber, insert the zucchini/cucumber adapter into the other end, making sure the red markings are aligned and the pieces are centered (Watch the “Processing Hard Foods video for details on processing ingredients like sweet potatoes and apples). Secure the food and food holder by twisting clockwise until locked into place. Then, insert the food skewer completely through the vegetable. Insert the desired blade into the blade carrier (Insert blade at a 45 degree angle to ensure proper alignment). Turn on your stand mixer (Use speed from STIR to 2). Unlock the blade by pulling and lifting the release lever and rotating slowly until the blade reaches the food. Once the food stops processing, turn off the stand mixer. Rotate the blade carrier back into the locked position. Remove the blade first, then remove the skewer, food and adapter if necessary (TIP: Core can be sliced, diced or shredded for use in sauces, vegetable stock or other recipes). Reinvent classic meals, celebrate with Mother's Day appetizers and inspire your culinary creativity.

The KitchenAid® Vegetable Sheet Cutter Attachment