How to Make Juice in a Blender

There’s nothing like starting your day with a glass of juice packed with fresh fruits and vegetables. Making juice lets you experiment with a range of flavor profiles like sweet, tangy fruits or refreshing vegetables. Blend up creations with colorful ingredients like juicy strawberries, sweet mangoes and leafy greens. You can easily make homemade juice with the help of a blender and enjoy new flavor combinations to start your day off on the right foot.

Step-by-step instructions for making juice in a blender

Use the following instructions as a general guide to making homemade juice in your blender. Depending on the types of ingredients used, water can be added to create a thinner consistency. Once you know the right technique, you can experiment with a variety of flavor creations to make your new favorite beverage.

  • Water (optional)

  • Fresh fruit, like pineapples, apples, grapefruits etc. 

  • Lemon juice

  • Sugar (optional)

  • Fresh vegetables, like spinach, kale, celery or cucumber (optional)
  • Herbs, spices and other flavorings

Peach slices on a cutting board

Step 1: Prep produce for blending

Before you begin creating your homemade juice, prep any fruit or vegetables you plan to use. Remove any tough skins or large seeds from your fruit or fibrous stems from vegetables, then chop up your produce into halves or quarters.

Fruits and vegetables in an orange KitchenAid® blender

Step 2: Add ingredients to your blender

Add your ingredients to the blender, starting with any liquids like water and lemon juice. Then add in your sugar and any softer ingredients before adding hard fruits and vegetables. Secure the lid to your blender jar and turn your blender on low. Slowly increase the blending speed to high and blend for one minute or until the produce has been completely pulverized. 

Red fruit juice in three glasses

Step 3: Strain pulp if desired

If your juice has excess pulp, pour it into a bowl or pitcher through a nut milk bag, cheesecloth or a fine mesh strainer to achieve the smooth consistency you desire.

Green juice in a glass next to a bowl of sliced pineapples Green juice in a glass next to a bowl of sliced pineapples

What’s the Difference Between Juice and Smoothies?

The main difference between juice and smoothies is the texture. Smoothies are typically more fibrous as the pulp of the fruit is kept in, while juice is strained and served without excess pulp for a thinner consistency. Smoothies are also usually blended with ice or frozen ingredients to create a thick and frosty beverage.

Types of Blenders for Making Juice

There are many types of blenders on the market, and each option has its advantages. Immersion blenders and hand blenders are great for smaller jobs like blending a smaller serving of juice while you can whip up larger batches with countertop blenders. If you are making juice from tough or fibrous greens, a high powered countertop blender can help you create a smooth consistency.

Orange and carrot juice in a stemless glass Orange and carrot juice in a stemless glass

Homemade Juice Benefits

Creating your juice at home has several benefits. Making homemade juice in a blender is an easy way to quickly incorporate nutrient-rich ingredients into your daily meal plan. Another benefit of homemade juice is the ability to control the ingredients to finely tune your morning juice to your exact taste and dietary needs with your favorite fresh ingredients. 

Making juice at home allows you to skip added sugar, toss in a sprig of your favorite herb, or use fresh ingredients from your own garden.

Blender Juice Recipes

There are countless ways to experiment with homemade juice recipes to create new flavors every day. Explore different fruit and vegetable juice recipes you can make with your blender below.

Green juice garnished with a celery stalk

How to make celery juice in a blender

Your blender can help you get a veggie-packed start to your day when you make this Fresh Greens Juice with ingredients like celery, cucumber, kale, romaine lettuce and apples.

Beet and carrot juice in two glasses

How to make beet and carrot juice in a blender

Make your favorite root vegetables taste like they never have before by making this Carrot Beet Apple Juice. All you need is water, carrots, yellow beets, apples and fresh ginger for this tart and complex tasting drink.

Glass jug of orange juice next to a glass jug of milk

How to make orange juice in a blender

You can make orange juice without the help of a citrus press when you have a blender on hand. To make this breakfast staple, peel your oranges and remove any seeds before slicing your orange into halves or quarters. Then, add water to your blender pitcher before adding in your citrus. Secure the lid and start your blender on low, slowly increasing the speed to high until you’ve reached the desired consistency. Use a cheesecloth, nut bag or fine mesh strainer to remove any excess pulp before serving.

Blended strawberry juice in a glass with ice

How to make strawberry banana juice in a blender

Strawberry and banana are a classic flavor duo that makes a deliciously sweet blended juice when paired with orange juice and peeled apples. First, peel your apples and bananas and de-leaf your strawberries. Quarter your apples and bananas–strawberries can be added whole. Add orange juice to your blender followed by the strawberries and bananas, then add in your peeled apple slices. Secure the blender lid and begin blending on low, then slowly increase the blending speed to high until you’ve achieved a smooth consistency. If the juice needs thinning, simply add more orange juice until the desired texture has been achieved.

Three different fruit juices in a row

Other fruit juice recipes for your blender

You can experiment with a variety of fruity combinations to create your next favorite blended juice. Enjoy tropical flavors with passionfruit or spinach and pineapple. Combine flavors like ginger, cantaloupe and strawberries in this Melon Berry Juice for a unique taste, or blend together watermelon, strawberries, red bell pepper and tomatoes to create this Righteous Red Juice for your next brunch gathering.

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