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How To Clean a Coffee Grinder

A clean coffee grinder helps transform whole beans into a delicious and aromatic brew. Your coffee grinder allows you to select the right grind to craft your perfect cup of coffee, and keeping it clean helps to yield the best results. Use this guide to learn the steps to cleaning both blade and burr grinders. 

KitchenAid® burr grinder full of coffee beans next to two mugs

Why Should You Clean Your Coffee Grinder?

Coffee beans release oils during the grinding process that can build up over time and leave an unpleasant taste to your beans when not cleaned regularly. Regular coffee grinder maintenance can help your appliance run properly and bring optimal flavor to your coffee.

How Often Should You Clean Your Coffee Grinder?

Generally, coffee grinders should be cleaned every two weeks. However, this can vary depending on the type of beans and how frequently you use your coffee grinder. If you use your grinder daily or use especially oily beans, it may benefit from weekly cleanings, whereas coffee grinders that are only used one to two times a week can go longer between cleanings.

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Cleaning a Coffee Grinder: Step-by-Step Instructions

The cleaning instructions will depend on the type of coffee grinder you use. Read on below to learn how to clean both blade and burr coffee grinders.

What You’ll Need to Get Started

Though there are different instructions for cleaning a burr and blade grinders, the tools and supplies necessary are similar. Discover what you need to clean your coffee grinder below.

  • Small bowl

  • Microfiber towels
  • Dish soap

  • Grinder cleaning brush or toothbrush

Woman grinding espresso with a KitchenAid® burr grinder

How to clean a burr grinder

Cleaning a burr grinder is a simple task when you know how to get it done. Follow the steps below to learn how to clean a burr coffee grinder.

Hand removing a bean hopper from a burr grinder

Typically, to remove the bean hopper, you need to twist and lift the hopper. If your hopper has coffee beans still inside, twist the bottom lock and empty the hopper into a small bowl.

Step 2: Reattach the hopper and run the grinder

Return the hopper to the top of your grinder and run the grinder briefly. This ensures that the grinder is completely empty before you proceed to cleaning the upper and lower burrs. 

Step 3: Unplug your coffee grinder

Before you begin cleaning the inside of your grinder, unplug the power cord from the outlet.

Step 4: Take the coffee grinder apart

Remove the hopper and upper burr from the grinder. You can usually take out the upper burr by rotating and lifting the part out. Some models include a wire handle to easily lift the upper burr out of the grinder.

Step 5: Clean the upper and lower burrs

Some coffee grinders, like this model from KitchenAid, come with a small brush designed for cleaning. If your model does not have a specialized cleaning brush, you can use a toothbrush for this step. Clean the upper burr by gently brushing between the ridges and around the edge to remove leftover coffee residue. Repeat the same process with the lower burr.

Black KitchenAid® Burr Grinder

Return the freshly cleaned upper burr to the coffee grinder, making sure it is correctly aligned to fit properly. Then, return the top hopper and lid to the top of the machine.

Step 7: Clean the hopper, lids and grounds catcher tray

You can clean the hopper, the top and bottom hopper lids and the grounds catcher tray by hand with warm, soapy water. It is important to note that some coffee grinder parts may not be dishwasher safe, always consult the owner’s manual before placing any parts in the dishwasher. Rinse until all soap residue has been removed, then dry each part completely with a clean microfiber towel. Return the parts to your coffee grinder.

Hand wiping down the exterior of a KitchenAid® Burr Grinder with a towel

Wipe down the main body of your burr grinder with a clean, damp towel. Be sure to dry the grinder thoroughly before plugging it back into an outlet.

Red KitchenAid® coffee grinder

How to clean a blade grinder

Blade grinders have fewer parts than burr grinders and can be cleaned in five simple steps. Read on below to learn how to clean your blade coffee grinder.

Step 1: Unplug the coffee grinder

Before you begin cleaning your blade grinder, unplug the power cord from the outlet.


Remove the top bowl and cover from the coffee grinder and wash in hot, soapy water. Rinse until the soap residue has been completely washed away, then dry with a clean microfiber towel. Some coffee grinder models have dishwasher-safe parts, so consult your grinder’s use and care guide for model-specific cleaning instructions.

Step 3: Clean inside the coffee grinder

With a damp, soft cloth, gently clean the grinder motor housing and dry completely with a clean microfiber towel.


Wipe down the grinder base and the power cord with a warm, sudsy cloth. To remove any soap residue, clean with a damp cloth. Dry the entire exterior and power cord by wiping with a dry microfiber towel.

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