The entire KitchenAid Go™ Cordless system of small appliances.

The Future Is Cordless

The introduction of cordless kitchen appliances marks the beginning of a culinary experience revolution that promises convenience and enhanced mobility in the kitchen. Gone are the tangles of cords in the drawer and the constant shuffling of plugging and unplugging cords from outlets. In their place is a glimpse of the future of cooking: one that is untethered. Continue reading to learn more about how KitchenAid Go™ Cordless appliances are changing the future of cooking.

A New Era of Cordless

And it isn’t just in the kitchen that cordless technology is changing the way makers work and create; cordless power tools have quickly become the standard, as lithium ion battery technology has allowed for longer runtimes and power comparable to their corded counterparts. Cordless, battery-powered vacuum cleaners continue to offer more powerful cleaning solutions around the house as well.

As cooks, bakers and food-lovers started experimenting with their new cordless hand mixers, cordless hand blenders and food choppers, their benefits became crystal clear, and demand for them rose.

And now KitchenAid brand is bringing the next leap in cordless appliances to your kitchen: a complete system of small appliances—all powered by a single interchangeable rechargeable battery. This system of KitchenAid Go™ Cordless appliances is poised to become the new standard of handheld and countertop small appliances.

A person using a KitchenAid Go™ Cordless Food Chopper.

Convenient and Flexible

KitchenAid Go™ Cordless appliances take unplugging to a whole new level. Like previous generations of cordless appliances, they untether you from a power source, so you aren’t limited to the number of electrical outlets in close proximity to your workspace. They also provide the added benefit of helping you avoid dragging a cord through your creations as you wrangle the appliance.

A person removing a KitchenAid Go™ Rechargeable battery from its dock.

Declutter the Counter

The KitchenAid Go™ line features a single rechargeable battery that can be swapped from appliance to appliance, eliminating the need for multiple charging stations (models sold with and without battery). Without cords to keep wrapped up or plugged in, the space-saving products can be stored easily in a drawer or cabinet.


And, investing in a single battery (and a backup battery just in case!) for a whole set of appliances can be more cost-effective than purchasing a variety of other cordless products, each with its own battery and charger.

A person using a KitchenAid Go™ Hand Mixer to mix in eggs to batter.

Effective Prep

No one likes being interrupted while they’re cooking—much less when the battery dies just as you’re about to achieve stiff peaks in your meringue! The KitchenAid Go™ system has a maximum of 12 volts of lithium ion battery power1 to harness for up to 60 minutes of continuous runtime2 on the hand mixer and up to 25 minutes of continuous runtime on the chopper,2 so you can complete your creations without a lengthy hiatus to charge.


1. Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 12 volts. Nominal voltage is 10.8.

2. Actual run time will vary based on recipe and/or attachments used. Battery life impacted by factors such as battery age and use.

Transforming the Cooking Experience

Cooking with cordless appliances allows you to move and create with freedom like never before—including outside of the kitchen itself. For example, take your KitchenAid Go™ Cordless Chopper with you to a barbecue or picnic to chop up a fresh pico de gallo, or take your cordless portable blender on the go for a fresh smoothie after the gym.

Or, pack up your KitchenAid® cordless hand mixer and take it on the go to a cookie-decorating party, then clean up any dry crumbs with the cordless vacuum. KitchenAid Go™ Cordless appliances allow you to try new techniques and create wherever and whenever you feel inspired, whether it’s in the kitchen, backyard or camping.

And as cordless appliances continue to evolve, watch for the KitchenAid Go™ line to expand and continue to revolutionize the way you prep, cook and create.


With the KitchenAid Go™ Cordless System, you’ll have the power to make and move, however you choose. Enjoy flexibility and reduced kitchen clutter with the cordless hand mixer, cordless chopper, cordless hand blender, cordless portable blender, cordless grinder and cordless kitchen vacuum.