KitchenAid®13-Cup Food Processor with Dicing Kit: Overview

Your 13-cup food processor with dicing kit comes with a storage caddy to easily store the included accessories inside the work bowl. The 13-cup food processor includes a multipurpose blade, adjustable sliding disc, shredding disc, kneading blade and dicing kit.



Use the Storage Caddy to store Blades, Discs, and more inside the Work Bowl. Use the Multipurpose Blade to chop, purée, mix and more. Use the adjustable slicing disc for thick or thin slicing. Turn the Knob to adjust the thickness. Use the Shredding Disc for vegetables, cheeses and more. Using the Dicing Kit to create consistent, uniform cubes every time. Use Kneading Blade to make dough. Store extra ingredients with the Storage Lid to provided an air tight seal and keep ingredients fresh. Eliminate clutter by using the Storage Caddy.