KitchenAid® Espresso Machine & Automatic Milk Frother: Care & Cleaning

It’s important to keep your espresso machine and automatic milk frother clean for the perfect brew every time. Regularly flush out the milk frother and hose with clean water. Be sure to also gently remove, wash and dry the included accessories and removable components.

KitchenAid® Espresso Machine with Automatic Milk Frother Attachment

Daily Care and Cleaning

Store the milk tank and lid in a refrigerator. Wipe down the exterior of milk hose with a damp soft cloth and insert the milk hose into a cup of clean water. Place a cup beneath the milk dispenser and repeat the last used cycle(s) to flush the system with the clean water. To store the milk hose, bend and attach it into the milk hose clip.

Deep Cleaning

Press the steam wand release button on Espresso Machine to release milk frother attachment. Remove the milk tank and storage container and clean with warm soapy water. Remove the milk hose and hose connector. Remove the froth level adjustment knob and pull out the function knob. Remove the decorative plate. Remove the milk dispenser by pulling and twisting in a downward direction. The black rubber forther component is removed by pushing down from the top and pulling from the bottom. Wash all components in warm, soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.