KitchenAid® Espresso Machine: How to Make a Double Espresso Shot

To make a double espresso shot with your espresso machine, select the proper filter basket and press it into the portafilter. Add your fine espresso coffee grounds and use the tamper to level them off. Lock the portafilter into position and select Espresso Mode. You can now make your double espresso shot.



Select filter basket and press it into the portafilter until it clicks. *Refer to Use and Care Guide for basket selection chart. Add fine espresso coffee grounds. Make sure coffee grounds are level and use tamper to tamp down. Position portafilter under the group head and twist the handle to the “lock” position. Select the Espresso Mode and desired number of shots. Press Start/Stop button to run selected espresso cycle.


To froth milk, select Steam Mode and wait for machine to heat up. Fill milk pitcher half way with milk. *Do not fill the milk pitcher more than 50%. Once water turns to steam, press Start/Stop button to stop. Submerge the tip of the steam wand just below the surface of the milk. Press Start/Stop button and froth until desired level of foam and temperature is reached. Press Start/Stop button to stop.