KitchenAid® Espresso Machine: Care & Cleaning

The key to bold espressos is to keep your espresso machine clean. Gently wash and dry all removable accessories and components. Regularly descaling is also important and can be completed in four phases with the assistance of the Clean Cycle.



Clean the steam wand after every use. Run water through the steam wand and wipe down with a damp cloth. When the drip tray indicator rises, empty the drip tray and rinse with warm water. The portafilter, filter baskets, and milk pitcher can also be washed in warm, soapy water. Wipe the Espresso Machine housing with a clean soft damp cloth.


There are four phases to the descaling process. Start by pouring water and descaling solution into the water tank. Place a container underneath group head. *Make sure container is at least 17 ounces. Press and hold the Clean Cycle button until light turns solid. Press Start/Stop to begin the first phase of the Clean Cycle. Start/Stop will blink fast when the first phase is complete. *Empty contents of container after each phase. To begin phase two, plae an empty container underneath steam wand and press Start/Stop. *Make sure container is at least 17 ounces. Start/Stop and Water Mode lights will blink when the second phase is complete. Before phase three, empty, rinse, and refill the water tank with fresh wanter to the max fill line. Replace the tank and press Start/Stop. Start/Stop will blink faster when phase three is complete. Place a container underneath group head and press Start/Stop to begin the final phase of the Clean Cycle. Press the Start/Stop button to complete the Clean Cycle. *Machine will go back into heating mode.