KitchenAid® Artisan® Series Tilt-Head Stand Mixer: How to Assemble

To use your Artisan® Series tilt-head stand mixer, lift the tilt-head back and lock it into place. Insert and lock the bowl onto the camping plate. Place and lock your selected tool into the beater shaft. Now you can lower the tilt-head into place and ensure it’s ready for use.



Slide the lever to unlock and lift the tilt-head back. Slide the lever to the lock position. Place the bowl on the clamping plate. Turn clockwise to lock. Choose a tool and attach it to the beater shaft, pressing upwards. Turn the tool counterclockwise until it hooks on the pin. Slide the lever to unlock and lower the tilt-head. The tool on your stand mixer should just clear the bottom of the bowl. If the tool hits the bottom of the bowl or is too far away, follow these steps: lift the tilt-head back; use a flat-head screwdriver to turn the screw slightly; turn the screw to the left to raise the tool; turn the screw to the right to lower the tool; if you over-adjust the screw, it may not lock; lower the tilt-head and slide the lever to lock; before you start mixing, test the lock; start mixing at the lowest speed; gradually increase speed to avoid splashing ingredients.