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Versatile freestanding and counter-depth refrigerators from KitchenAid.

Standard Depth Refrigerators vs Counter Depth Refrigerator

Get the look of a custom kitchen without the needs for special cabinetry with KitchenAid® freestanding counter depth refrigerators. With slightly less depth than your standard depth refrigerators, you’ll get a near-flush look that built-in refrigerators have without having to completely overhaul your space. Coming in an array of colors and finishes, you can also choose a PrintShield finish that resists smudges and fingerprints for a flawless-looking kitchen. 


Pick the Counter Depth Refrigerator Right for Your Space

Available in both side-by-side and French door configurations, you can find the perfect KitchenAid® Counter Depth Fridge that saves you space and works best with your kitchen layout and design, while also giving you a sleek and streamlined look. They’re especially great if you have a smaller kitchen, or if you want more of an open workspace. If you’re not sure which refrigerator is the right fit for you, don’t worry–KitchenAid has a great guide to help you find the perfect fridge to fit your kitchen.