The KitchenAid® Design Series Stand Mixer on a thyme green background with hand-drawn florals and botanicals.

It's Time to Blossom

Let your creativity flourish in the kitchen. Discover botanical beauty with the 2022 KitchenAid® Design Series Stand Mixer.

A color swatch over green thyme sprigs, with scissors and yarns also on a countertop.

Inspired by aromatic herbs and fresh, natural elements throughout the kitchen, this year’s soft thyme green features a velvety satin finish and a botanical-themed trim band to tie it all together.

The hub cover on the KitchenAid® 2022 Design Series Stand Mixer.

The iconic hub cover has been reimagined. With a delightful petaled shape and soft-satin chrome finish, growth is in every detail of this statement piece.

Let the hammered copper bowl draw you in. Its bold exterior develops a unique patina look over time, while the stainless, food-safe interior is ready for any recipe.

Bring Blossom to Your Countertop

Think of Blossom as an extension of nature into your kitchen – the soft thyme green shade, an organic copper finish and botanical accents grounding it all.

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Explore attachments that bring out the best of each ingredient. From focaccia bread art to fresh herbal ice creams — inspire making beyond the expected.

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Let Your Making Thrive

Edible flower petals being sprinkled onto butter. Edible flower petals being sprinkled onto butter.

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A KitchenAid® Stand Mixer and Food Processor in a crisp, stylish kitchen preparing fresh ingredients.

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