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Whip Up New Recipes with a Hand Mixer

Whether you’re new to the kitchen or well-versed in the art of cooking and baking, a KitchenAid® Hand Mixer is a versatile tool that will make whipping, beating or mixing a wide array of ingredients a snap. The sky’s the limit with the cordless hand mixer that lets you go where your inspiration takes you. Get the versatility you need with a 9-speed hand mixer that packs the power and includes accessories to knead hearty bread dough and whip eggs to stiff peaks in one premium small appliance. Or, head to our hand mixer accessories page to find the perfect add-on for your mixer. No matter your needs in the kitchen, our KitchenAid® Hand Mixers are a must-have to complete your collection of cooking tools.


Why Use a Handheld Mixer?

KitchenAid® Hand Mixers are small appliance champions that offer you plenty of versatility without taking up too much space. If you’re a culinary enthusiast that loves to experiment in the kitchen but can’t afford to lose the counter space, a hand mixer will let you switch from beating perfectly creamy mashed potatoes to whipping up a decadent chocolate mousse without overtaking your kitchen. 


KitchenAid®Hand Mixers Offer Versatility

Make light and airy meringue, whip up batches of cookie dough or bake delightfully fluffy cakes all with KitchenAid brand’s line of hand mixers. Whether you’re making a weeknight meal or tackling a more ambitious confection, you’ll reach for your handheld mixer every time.