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Woman using a red espresso coffee maker and grinder on countertop


Make coffee without compromising taste. The KitchenAid® coffee collection features the products and accessories you need to create coffee, cold brew, espresso and other coffee shop favorites, right in your own home. Here you’ll find coffee makers, grinders, carafes and other vital components that can help you get the taste you want from your favorite roast. Explore KitchenAid® coffee and espresso makers in sleek black or modern gray. For a pop of color, add a red espresso coffee maker or grinder to your countertop.

Espresso is a bold brew made with a high ratio of finely ground coffee to water using high pressure extraction—usually with an espresso machine. Coffee is brewed with more water and coarser grounds usually through drip or immersion methods using an auto drip coffee machine, a French press, or pour over gooseneck kettle. Coffee is most often enjoyed black or with a bit of cream while espresso forms the rich coffee base of drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, mochas and more. Learn how to make the best cup of coffee at home, whatever method you choose.

Drip coffee usually refers to that familiar drink conveniently prepared in an auto-drip coffee pot at home. Pour over coffee is a style of drip coffee that’s manually brewed using a gooseneck kettle. The brewing processes are similar—hot water is slowly poured over ground coffee beans. Pour over coffee is preferred by those looking for more control over each hand-crafted cup, while drip coffee machines can offer more consistency through automation, as well as brew a larger batch. If you love waking up to a fresh brew waiting in your coffee pot, a KitchenAid® coffee maker with programmable brew times is right for you. If you prefer to savor the coffee making process, once cup at time, explore our selection of precision gooseneck kettles. Learn more about drip vs pour over coffee with our guide.

Expand your coffee repertoire with coffee accessories. Pair your coffee pot with a grinder to ensure the freshest brew every time. Shop coffee bean grinders in both blade and burr styles to fit your favorite coffee brewing method. For café favorites at home, add an Automatic Milk Frother attachment to your espresso coffee machine. Shop our complete line and discover the perfect accessories from home. If you prefer black, green or herbal teas, check out our line of elegant kettles to help you make delicious beverages.