36" Electric Cooktop with 5 Radiant Elements



12''/9'' Double-Ring Round Element

Lets you use different cookware sizes at one location. When using large, 12-inch cookware the entire element surface is used. For smaller cookware, you’ll use only the 9-inch inner element.

8''/6'' Double-Ring Round Element

An additional double-ring element that maximizes your cooktop surface by allowing you to efficiently use smaller cookware.

10'' Even-Heat™ Ultra Element with Even-Heat™ Simmer

Provides more versatility for high and low temperature cooking techniques. Even-Heat™ Technology maintains a constant supply of power without hot or cool spots and delivers a range of simmer settings.

H: 5 1/2"   W: 35 1/2"   D: 20 1/2"
Black - KECC664BBL Stainless Steel - KECC664BSS
MSRP $1,199.00
Stainless Steel
MSRP $1,299.00