15 Grind Settings

For excellent grind consistency and lower grinding temperatures. Available in half-step increments from 1 to 8, from a very fine espresso grind to a coarse French press grind.

Stainless Steel Cutting Burrs

Offer durability, powerful performance and a superb grind consistency.

7 oz. Glass Bean Hopper and Grind Jar

Minimizes the static “cling” of coffee grinds. Hopper unscrews from housing for simple cleaning and features a press-fit lid for quick filling.

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Contour Silver - KCG0702CU Onyx Black - KCG0702OB Empire Red - KCG0702ER
Contour Silver
MSRP $299.99
Onyx Black
MSRP $299.99
Empire Red
MSRP $299.99