An immersion blender is a multi-purpose kitchen tool that can help unlock new techniques for a range of recipes. It’s called an immersion blender because you immerse the blender blades into your ingredients, rather than pouring ingredients into a blender jar. Also called hand blenders or stick blenders, a handheld immersion blender can perform many of the same tasks as a standard blender. This means that you can substitute an immersion blender in many recipes that call for using a blender to combine or process ingredients, such as lightly lemony blender cheesecake.

Woman blending soup on stovetop with immersion hand blender

What’s the difference between an immersion blender and a regular blender?

At first glance, the design differences are obvious. Regular blenders, also known as countertop blenders, have plastic or glass jars that sit on top of a motorized base. It’s easy to see why immersion blenders are also called stick blenders; there’s no container attached, just a blender arm with small blades housed on the end.

Beyond appearance, there are also some key differences in the ways you can use an immersion blender compared to a regular blender. As stated, rather than pour your ingredients into a blender jar, you simply immerse the blades of a stick blender into your ingredients as they sit in whatever pot, bowl, glass, or other container you’re using to prepare your dish. This makes blending hot foods like soups on a stovetop much easier as you can leave your ingredients in the pot, rather than transferring them to a blender jar. They’re also ideal for blending small amounts of food that would not combine as easily in a regular blender, like emulsifying salad dressing for two or quickly chopping a handful of nuts.

Convenience is another key benefit of handheld immersion blenders. Cleanup can be quick and easy by simply rinsing the blender arm and blades. Immersion blenders also save storage space by tucking away in a drawer like your favorite well-worn cooking spoon.

Man whipping cream with hand blender whisk accessory

Last but not least, you can sometimes buy attachments for your handheld immersion blender that transform it into a handheld food processor, powered whisk, and more. Buy your immersion blender bundled with accessories to maximize its potential. KitchenAid offers the Cordless Variable Speed Hand Blender paired with a chopper and whisk attachment so you can blend, whisk and chop with one appliance.

However, you should know that regular blenders are better suited to crushing ice than stick blenders. If you plan to make icy drinks often, you might be better off with a countertop blender like the KitchenAid® K150 3 Speed Ice Crushing Blender.

Hand blender on table surrounded by chips and guacamole

What are the types of immersion blenders?

Immersion blenders are available for residential and commercial kitchens. Immersion blenders for use in your home come in a range of speeds and settings. This lets you choose different power levels for chopping, blending or pureeing. If you’re looking for simple operation, the KitchenAid® 2 Speed Hand Blender can handle many basic tasks like blending, pureeing and crushing ingredients for hummus, smoothies, soups, sauces and more. The KitchenAid® Variable Speed Corded Hand Blender features a 4-point stainless steel blade to efficiently blend ingredients. Or go cordless so you can move more freely around your kitchen as you create.

Woman blending smoothie in glass with immersion blender

What are immersion blenders used for?

Whether chopping nuts and herbs for a pistachio pesto or emulsifying oil and vinegar for an Asian lime salad dressing, an immersion blender can do many of the same things a standard blender can do. These handheld appliances are great for making a large pot of comfort food directly on the stovetop, like this creamy roasted vegetable soup. Using an immersion blender lets you keep your recipe in one pot or dish from start to finish, and saves on dirty dishes too since there’s no blender jar to clean up.

Hand blenders aren’t just good for savory recipes like salsas, you can also make sorbets, shakes and even oat milk for an extra-creamy dairy alternative. Cooking for one? You can mix smoothies directly in your favorite to-go container, like this beyond-basic pumpkin spice latte smoothie.

Shop KitchenAid® Immersion blenders

From the ultra convenient KitchenAid® Cordless Variable Speed Hand Blender to the corded version, and a range of options in between, there’s bound to be an immersion blender and attachment combo that suits your needs for ease, power and creativity in the palm of your hand. Shop all KitchenAid® hand blenders to find the right match for your recipes.



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