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Enjoy a rich, flavorful brew every morning. Our bold coffee makers feature a special brewing technology that makes every cup worth waking up for.

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Removable Water Tank

Makes fresh water easily accessible in any kitchen.

Optimized Brewing Technology

The special heating element design provides hot water at a consistent temperature, ensuring cup after cup of rich-tasting coffee.

Easy Access Brew Basket

Features a push-button latch, making the brew basket readily available for your favorite grind.

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Blade Coffee Grinder

Features a finer grind for drip brewing or a thicker one to accommodate a French press.

Model Pictured:

14-Cup Glass Carafe Coffee Maker

Uses a special brew process to evenly saturate and extract the grounds for maximum flavor.

Model Pictured:

Brew Strength Selector

Provides a BOLD setting for a stronger cup of coffee.

Featured on these Models:
KCM1203, KCM1402, KCM222

Pause and Serve Feature

Temporarily stops the brew process, allowing you to pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee.

Featured on these Models:
KCM111, KCM222, KCM112, KCM1202

Thermal Mug

Conveniently allows you to brew and bolt when you're on the go.

Featured on this Model:

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