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Countertop Ovens
Countertop Ovens

Our countertop ovens make a convenient addition to any kitchen—and create the perfect pairing for everything from crostini to flatbread, cookies to Cornish hens.

Unique Features

  • Big Oven Performance

    Big Oven Performance

    Bake, broil, roast and toast with powerful cooking elements that heat up to 450º F. And reheat food effortlessly with the specially designed Warm function.

  • Convection Baking

    Convection Baking

    Get golden brown cookies, muffins and more. This system produces perfectly even results by circulating hot air throughout the oven’s interior and all around your food.

  • Large Capacity

    Large Capacity

    Easily accommodates everything from a full roast chicken to two 12-inch pizzas.

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Even-Heat Preheat

Prevents hot and cold spots by consistently warming the oven's air, racks and walls.

Models KEBS209, KERS306B

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