Chef Luciano DelSignore began his career working in the kitchen of his parents’ Italian restaurant, Fonte d’Amore in Livonia, Mich. Having spent summers in Abruzzo, Italy, where his parents were born and raised, Chef Luc moved to Italy as a young man, and trained in some of the best restaurants. After returning to the United States, where, at the time, most Italian restaurants had a heavy American influence, he convinced his father to remodel the family restaurant. Together, they reopened with a focus on providing an authentic Italian dining experience.

Today, Chef Luc owns Bacco Ristorante, a fine-dining restaurant with an emphasis on inventive, contemporary dishes. He also is the proprietor of Bigalora Wood Fired Cucina, a casual chain that serves authentic, Neapolitan-style, wood-fired pizzas. He credits his success to his European training, his passion for food and, of course, his reliable kitchen equipment.

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We sat down with Chef Luc to learn more about his work, and how KitchenAid® Commercial equipment helps him create delicious dishes for his restaurants’ patrons.

What do you love most about the work you do?
I love taking care of people, giving them that love and that experience of food.

What is the biggest challenge of your job?
Finding people to work with me and my team that have the same integrity, and the same love and respect for food that we do.

How important is equipment quality when it comes to your work?
It’s among the most important things we can have in a kitchen. We work in a business where stuff breaks – heating, cooling, plumbing – we have all those people on speed dial to keep us up and running. But our KitchenAid Commercial equipment is extremely reliable. Never having to worry about the functionality of our tabletop appliances is priceless to us.


Which KitchenAid Commercial products do you use most in your operation? 

The stand mixer, the immersion blender and the countertop blender are the go-to, everyday pieces of equipment. We use them 10 to 20 times a day.

What’s something your KitchenAid Commercial appliances help you do better than previous appliances?
We use the countertop blender to purée soups, and its power and speed are the best I’ve ever experienced. I've never seen a blender take down the smallest seeds possible and purée them entirely so that I can't even feel them on my palate.

You make everything in your restaurants from scratch. How does KitchenAid Commercial equipment help you do that?
Yes, we make everything in-house, down to the peanut butter we serve on our brunch menu. We also make our own chocolate hazelnut spread by using the KitchenAid Commercial countertop blender. We use the immersion blender for emulsifying our house-made dressings.

I love cooking with heirloom grains. I pulverize the grains in the KitchenAid Commercial countertop blender to make flour, and then use that to make different types of bread and pasta dough. We use every part of the plant: the husk, the germ and the grain.


What do you like most about your KitchenAid Commercial appliances? 

Their design. I like the feel of them, the lack of vibration and the ease of cleaning. You can disassemble them quickly and be right back in business. We use the same bowls and blender jars again very quickly.

I love that the immersion blender is all packed in this beautiful hard case. The parts go back together easily, so you aren’t missing pieces when you need them. I love the handle on the back of the tabletop blender. The orange, commercial-grade cord unplugs from the machine quickly, so we can move it to wherever we need to work. Everything about the design has been really thought out with the professional chef in mind.

If you had to describe your KitchenAid Commercial appliance in three words, which would you use?
Powerful. Quiet. Tough.

Are you 100 percent satisfied with your KitchenAid Commercial appliances?
I’m absolutely satisfied. My restaurants are very busy, and we use our appliances more than the average place. The fact that they're always dependable and extremely powerful makes our lives much easier.