36" Electric Downdraft Cooktop with 5 Elements



Downdraft Ventilation

Integrates the ventilation system into the cooking surface so that a separate hood is not needed. Smoke and odors can be removed and taken outside or filtered and recirculated inside. A duct-free kit is available for purchase separately.

10'' Even-Heat™ Ultra Element with Simmer Setting

Provides more versatility for high and low temperature cooking techniques. Even-Heat™ Technology maintains a constant supply of power and delivers a range of simmer settings.

6'' Even-Heat™ Element with Melt Setting

Combines the benefits of Even-Heat™ Technology with a dedicated setting that reaches the low temperatures needed to melt chocolate or butter without scorching.

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Black - KCED606GBL Stainless Steel - KCED606GSS
MSRP $1,699.00
Stainless Steel
MSRP $1,799.00